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Sheep Vaccine Storage and Handling Instructional Videos

Clostridial and Cheesy Gland Protection

Glanvac 6S B12 protects your flocks productivity and wool clip against CLA (Cheesy Gland)
Glanvac 6S B12 vaccine is to be used in rams for the prevention of sudden death from Clostridial Diseases:
  • Enterotoxaemia (Pulpy Kidney disease)
  • Tetanus
  • Black Leg
  • Black Disease
  • Malignant Oedema
Glanvac 6S B12 supplements Vitamin B12 which is vital for energy production, maximising body condition score and wool growth
Glanvac 6S B12 supplements Selenium which is an essential antioxidant necessary for neutralising toxic substances produced by the body’s cells during normal metabolism.
Selenium deficiency causes reduced productivity and low conception rates.
Tried and tested in Australian grazing conditions over many years

Glanvac 6S B12

The Glanvac Range

 Glanvac© 6S B12
Glanvac 6 B12
Glanvac 6S
Glanvac 6
 Glanvac© 3S B12
Glanvac 3 B12
Glanvac 3S
Glanvac 3

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Glanvac 1mL SafeShot Vaccinator Instructional Video

Erysipelas Arthritis Protection

Eryvac is used to protect ram lambs and rams from Erysipelas spp. causing crippling arthritis
Erysipelas is a soil borne bacteria that enters the umbilical cord or wounds and then lodges in leg joints causing inflammation
The infection rate may be as high as 25% of the lambs, leaving the affected animals unsaleable or untransportable
SAn increase in the poor performing tail of the mob can be subclinical arthritis expression.   These are highly valuable genetic stock and rams breaking down early in their expected working lifespan
Eryvac can be used in ewes to protect the ram lambs through maternal antibody transference in colostrum milk
Eryvac can be used in ram lambs to stimulate the individual animals’ immune system to protect them for a longer period of time
Tried and tested in Australian grazing conditions over many years
Eryvac can be continually used in rams throughout their life to protect them against Erysipelas arthritis
  • We significantly improved the amount of lambs that we send to market every year

    Paul Routley - Farm Owner, NSW


  • Over the past few decades the Australian Sheep industry has relied on efficiency, animal welfare and advances in veterinary medicine to drive productivity
  • Producers are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to increase the productivity and profitability of their enterprises
  • The Glanvac Eryvac Dual Vaccinator is a revolutionary new design that allows simultaneous administration of the Glanvac range of vaccines with Eryvac through best practice technology in an easy to use ergonomic device


Glanvac+Eryvac Dual Vaccinator Instructional Video

Ovine Johne's Disease Protection


Gudair is used to protect ram lambs and working rams from Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis causing Ovine Johne's disease (OJD)
Unexpected, early death of rams is a high cost of low to high OJD areas. All new rams should be pre-vaccinated with Gudair for protection
Gudair is a KILLED vaccine in a single 1ml dose giving lifetime protection
Gudair prevents death due to OJD and reduces bacterial shedding by 90%
The Gudair Sekurus applicator with 1/4 inch needles is recommended to inject Gudair safely.  Animals need to be correctly restrained for vaccination
Presale vaccinated rams may be more desirable to potential buyers resulting in an increased sale value
Rams classified as ‘approved vaccinates’ (i.e. vaccinated between 4-16 weeks of age with Gudair) is best practice protection against OJD
Tried and tested in Australian grazing conditions over many years
  • To vaccinate with Gudair is very important, because it gives you that protection; gives the buyers the protection - they can buy with confidence

    Peter Meyer - Merino Breeder, SA

Click here for the Gudair Human Adverse Event Fact Sheet.

The Gudair Sekurus 1ml Safety Vaccinator

Unique safety features that minimise the risk of self injection

  • The safety of the administrator when using Gudair is paramount - the Gudair Sekurus vaccinator provides this.
  • Producers are vitally aware of the welfare of their livestock – the Gudair Sekurus vaccinator delivers best practice vaccination.
  • The superior safety, functionality and ease of use make the 1mL fixed Sekurus vaccinator the smart choice for anyone using Gudair.
  • Its unique safety features minimise the risk of self-injection without compromising efficiency.


Gudair 1mL Sekurus Safety Vaccinator Instructional Video

Gudair Human Adverse Events Prevention and First Steps

Scabby Mouth Protection


Scabigard is used to protect lambs and other sheep from Parapoxvirus which causes Scabby mouth disease (Orf)
Rams from naïve farms will require vaccination on to an infected property
A Scabigard vaccination program is proven to prevent scabs that commonly form on the testes and the poll of rams caused by scabby mouth
Scabigard is a highly effective LIVE vaccine that is given as a scratch on the inside of the front leg
Retreatment every 12 months in high afflicted areas
Scabigard is a requirement in many live export protocols
Tried and tested in Australian grazing conditions over many years
Ensure Work Health Safety procedures are followed on farm to reduce the risk of human exposure as Scabby mouth is a zoonotic disease.  There is an increased risk when handling infected sheep and when using Scabigard incorrectly

Scabigard 1

Scabigard 2

Scratch site on day of vaccination, no "takes" formed

Scratch 1

Scratch site day 11 post vaccination, "takes" have formed indicating successful vaccination

Scratch 2

Scabigard Original & EziGrip Vaccinators Instructional Video

Zoetis Adverse Event Instructional Video

Internal Parasite Protection

Production losses to gastrointestinal internal parasites occur well before the clinical signs are seen

Infected rams underperform during mating and struggle to recover before the next season which affects their productivity potential

Infected sheep may show some or all of the following clinical signs:

  • scours
  • death
  • lethargy
  • emaciation
  • anaemia
  • weakness
  • bottle jaw
  • tender fleece
To prevent clinical signs and production losses associated with parasites, sheep should be routinely monitored to assess worm burdens, to establish infection trends, and then this information is used to assist with the selection of the most effective treatment.


Management Decisions

A worm management program includes:

Using the most effective drench
Pasture management to minimise worm burdens
Spell pastures and/or full tillage to reduce worm burdens
Add a cattle grazing cycle to reduce worm burdens
Genetic selection for worm resistant bloodline
Graze younger stock on cleaner pastures
Worm egg counts to determine if a drench is required
Larval culture to determine the most appropriate drench

Worm Egg Test Kit


Sheep Internal Parasites & Best Practice Worm Monitoring

Understanding the mob's drench resistance status is imperative to ensure a selected drench is effective – the most expensive drench is the ineffective drench

Startect Oral Drench

Contains the newest active ingredient with a unique mode of action (Derquantel) in combination with highly effective ML, Abamectin


14 day Meat WHP & 28 day ESI (Export Slaughter Interval) provides speed to market and trading flexibility18
Proven to be over 99% effective in over 200 local farm trials, even killing multi-resistant worms16,17
Delivers a new level of confidence when it comes to drenching and staying a step ahead of resistance
  • With its proactive dual drench technology, it's the first new class of drench to be released in combination to "Protect", "Prolong" and "Progress".

Startect Drench Applicator Instructional Video


16. Little PR et al. Efficacy of a combined oral formulation of derquantel-abamectin against the adult and larval stages of nematodes in sheep, including anthelmintic resistant strains. Vet Parasitol 2011; 181: 180–93.
17. Leathwick DM. Modelling the benefits of a new class of anthelmintic in combination. Vet Parasitol 2012; 186: 93–100.
18. Leathwick DM. Managing anthelmintic resistance – parasite fitness, drug use strategy and the potential for reversion to susceptibility. Vet Parasitol 2013; 198: 145–53.

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