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Welcome to the new Zoetis Farm Planner!

The Farm Planner is a free, easy to use, animal health scheduling tool for Sheep and Cattle with built-in best practice recommendations and customised email reminders for upcoming management activities. This means less time spent planning and a healthier more profitable livestock enterprise for you!

The Farm Planner has the following great features:

Automatic creation of your management events and farm operations based on our best practice guidelines

Download, email or print your calendar

Add or remove and farm operations that you need on your farm
Create multiple plans across multiple farms

Emails that remind you of upcoming events across all your farms

Much much more!

Over 75 years of knowledge

We know how busy you are with the demands of everyday life on the farm, which is why we made Farm Planner quick and easy to use. Zoetis have been working with Australian farmers for over 75 years and The Farm Planner is the result of the culmination of the knowledge gained from working with farmers from all over Australia.

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