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Beyond Blue

$600,000 over 6 Years.

Zoetis continues to support the mental health challenges faced by people in rural Australia. Our commitment is to raise up to $100,000 to support the charity in 2021, so that we can achieve this $600,000 goal.



Top End medical authorities are warning about the risks of leptospirosis, especially for those working with cattle. Ten cases of the potentially fatal disease have been confirmed among cattle station workers since January, almost double the total number of cases recorded in the Northern Territory last year. The heavy rain this wet season is believed to be a factor in the spike. Dr Damien Brown from the Centre for Disease Control spoke to ABC Rural about the causes and symptoms of leptospirosis

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During summer it can be difficult to determine the worm burden of your sheep. The visual effects (clinical signs) are apparent when the worm burden becomes high and there is substantial reduction in production and a negative impact on the health of the animal. It is the non-visual (sub-clinical) effects which accounts for the majority of production loss in a sheep enterprise as it can occur unknown over a long time frame.

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