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These instructional videos are designed to demonstrate the best practice vaccination and drenching of sheep and aid in the understanding of proper animal husbandry in a safe manner for both the user and the animal.

Glanvac Group Shot (8 kinds)

GlanEry® 7in1 B12

  • GlanEry 7in1 B12 is an advanced formulation which combines the proven protection of Glanvac® 6 B12 and Eryvac® in the one convenient vaccine
  • Control of Cheesy gland (CLA) and Erysipelas arthritis plus the Prevention of the five major Clostridial diseases of sheep in Australia
  • Boosted with Vitamin B12

  • Protects the Wool Cut and Meat Quality
  • Stops Lame Lambs* with More Lambs to Sell
  • Saves time, labour and cost
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Developed and Manufactured in Australia.

*caused by Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae

Glanvac information
Glanvac information
Glanvac information

Introduction to Sheep Instructional Videos and Best Practice Vaccination

Sheep Vaccine Storage & Handling Instructional Video

Glanvac 1mL SafeShot Vaccinator Instructional Video

Adverse Event Instructional Video

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