Species-specific Blood Glucose Monitor

Humans share a lot of things with their pets. Blood glucose meters shouldn’t be one of them. Portable blood glucose meters designed for blood glucose monitoring in humans are not validated for veterinary use on pets. AlphaTRAK is specifically calibrated and validated for dogs and cats for accurate readings and is easy to use.

Specifically Designed for Animals for Accurate Results

The distribution of glucose in blood differs among humans, cats, and dogs.

These differences in glucose distribution between species needs to be accounted for when measuring blood glucose to ensure accurate results and interpretation, and to optimise patient management.

Human glucometers have not been calibrated to account for these inter-species differences in glucose distribution and as such are not likely to be as accurate as species-specific glucometers1 .

AlphaTRAK accounts for the differences in the distribution of glucose in whole blood of different species to accurately predict glucose levels.

1- Data on file, Study Report No. 11-06-MC-D-CT-AT, Zoetis Inc.

A Simple Sampling Experience

While most glucometers need samples between 2 µl and 4 µl, AlphaTRAK only requires a tiny 0.3 µl blood sample that can be readily obtained through capillary sampling. Requiring only 0.3 µL blood, AlphaTRAK is the veterinary glucometer with the smallest blood sample requirement, making capillary sampling as easy as possible.

Additionally, AlphaTRAK test strips are specially designed with bi-lateral sampling tips for easy sampling for both left and right-handed operators, wherever and however the patient is positioned.


AlphaTRAK can be used in DOGS1, CATS1, HORSES2,3, MICE4 & RATS5

Simply use the buttons on the meter to select the species code detailed on the vial of test strips. No species chips are required.

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Learn more about the AlphaTRAK Specifications.

VETSCAN UA urine analyser


Height  8.4 cm 

Width  5.1 cm 

Depth  1.6 cm 

Weight  39.7 – 45.4 g 

Key Facts at a Glance

  • Portable meter
  • More accurate than portable human blood glucose meters
  • Inbuilt calibration for each species
  • Small sample volume
  • Ideal for glucose curves
  • Quick result
  • Long shelf life test strips
  • Sampling on the left or right of the test strip
  • Extended measurement range


Sample Whole blood, capillary or venous
Sample size 0.3 microlitre (300 nanolitres)
Measurement units mg/dL or mmol/L
Meter storage temperature - 4° to 140° F (- 20° to 60° C)
Result range 20 to 750 mg/dL or 1.1 to 41.7 mmol/L
Memory 250 blood glucose and control solution tests with date and time
Assay method Coulometric electrochemical sensor
Automatic shutoff 2 minutes of inactivity
Calibration Plasma equivalent
Hematocrit 15% to 65%
Operating relative humidity 5% to 90% (non-condensing)
Operating temperature 40° to 104° F (4° to 40° C)
Power source One CR 2032, 3V lithium battery, replaceable

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