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    • Dermatophyte test medium that provides the veterinarian with a simple, rapid and practical method for confirming the diagnosis of dermatophyte infections.
    • The growth of Microsporum and Trichophyton species (pathogenic fungi associated with most of the dermatomycoses in veterinary medicine) will cause the medium to turn from amber to red.
    • Diagnosis of fungal infections of the skin caused by Microsporum spp. and Trichophyton spp. in any animal species.
    • Evaluation of the test medium can begin as early as 48 hours after inoculation.
    • Visual colour change in medium for accurate identification.
    • Sample can be hair and scales or skin squama from lesions.
    • Easy-to-use, no preparation of medium necessary.
    • Saprophytic fungal or bacterial colonies will demonstrate differing growth characteristics and induce differing colour change patterns in the medium as compared to Microsporum/Trichophyton spp.
    • 10 tests per kit.
    • Shelf life 24 months.
    • Store 2-7°C until inoculated, then incubate at room temperature.
    • After seeding the surface of the test medium, do not tightly replace the container lid, but leave it on loosely to allow air to penetrate the inside of the container.
    • Do not bury sample into medium, but ensure good contact onto surface of medium.
    • Best samples are frayed, broken or distorted hairs, or Woods lamp positive hairs.
    • If no growth occurs by 10 days, try redistributing sample on the medium surface to ensure better contact.
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