Dog Skin Infections

New antibiotic treatment for dog skin infections

If your veterinarian decides that your dog’s skin infection requires antibiotics you now have an alternative to daily dosing with tablets.

Zoetis has launched an antibiotic, indicated for most skin infections, that lasts up to 14 days with just one dose!This unique product provides antibiotic coverage equivalent to other antibiotics without the need for tablets, drops or pastes which may need to be given at multiple times during the day and at strict time intervals e.g. once every 12 hours or once every 8 hours. For more information, ask you local veterinarian.

Dog skin infections symptoms

Dog skin infections, often arising from an allergy, are common and can cause discomfort to your pet. The most common symptoms include flaky, reddened and itchy skin, with or without sores.

Causes of dog skin infections

Itchy dog skin may lead to skin infections. Repetitive trauma to the site from scratching, licking, clawing and rubbing may break the skin, allowing entry of bacteria, causing a skin infection to develop.

Most common causes of itchy dog skin

  • Fleas / flea allergies
  • Environmental allergies e.g. pollens, grasses etc.
  • Skin parasites e.g. mites
  • Food allergies

Treatments for dog skin infections

If you are concerned that your dog has a skin infection, it is best to consult your local veterinarian for treatment. The treatment prescribed will depend on the type of infection present and the underlying cause.

Antibiotics may be prescribed to kill the bacteria that are causing the infection. Oral antibiotics (tablets, drops or pastes) are traditionally prescribed and need to sometimes be given once, twice, or even three times a day at very specific time intervals to be fully effective.

The latest antibiotic treatment for dog skin infections

There is now a new treatment available that can deliver a full course of antibiotic in one injection that lasts up to 14 days.This product may be indicated for your dog’s skin infection. For more information ask you local veterinarian.

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