Poulvac® AE I

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  • Each dose contains live avian encephalomyelitis virus (I strain; ≥ 103.0 EID50).

  • Vaccination of breeder and commercial layer replacement pullets to prevent AE infection during the laying period.

  • Transfer the vaccine from freezer to poultry shed in a cool box with ice. Use within 2 hours of thawing and protect from sunlight

    Pullets should be vaccinated between 12 and 18 weeks of age, the optimal age for administration being 12 to 16 weeks. Carry out an ELISA test to determine immune status before point of lay.

    Administer by the eye drop method or in drinking water.

    Eye drop method. Allow the vaccine to reach room temperature. One drop in one eye of each bird.

    Drinking water method. Deprive birds of water for 1 to 2 hours depending on weather conditions. Clean out but do not disinfect all drinkers. Calculate the quantity of water that the flock will consume in about 1 hour. Place this quantity of water in a clean container and add skim milk powder 2.5 g/L water; use cool and disinfectant free water. Place the vaccine vial under the surface of the water and remove the cap. Gently shake the vial and rinse out several times. Stir the mixture well and protect from direct sunlight. Distribute the vaccine among the cleaned drinkers; refill the drinkers until all the reconstituted vaccine is used.


    Do not administer the vaccine through a tank or medication system.

    Vaccine handling. Transfer the vaccine from freezer to poultry shed in a cool box with ice. Use within 2 hours of thawing and protect from sunlight.

  • Administration where the following types of bird are in close proximity: chicks under 6 weeks of age (danger of clinical disease and mortality); susceptible laying hens (fall in egg production); susceptible laying breeders (danger of AE affected progeny). Eggs from these birds may be used for hatching when production has recovered, usually about four weeks postvaccination.

  • Correct use of this vaccine as part of the flock management program will prevent deaths from epidemic tremor in young chickens and egg drops associated with AE infection in susceptible laying flock

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