Zoetis is focused on continuously innovating to develop animal health solutions that meet the needs of those who raise and care for animals. R&D is at the core of our efforts to provide innovation outcomes that anticipate the future needs of veterinarians and livestock producers in their local markets around the globe.

Our new product R&D leverages relevant discoveries from the agribusiness, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Combining this capability with the most promising discoveries from existing Zoetis R&D generally yields a faster, less expensive and more predictable process and more sustainable pipeline as compared to human health R&D. Our R&D for existing products focuses on broadening and enhancing our existing portfolio through the addition of new species or claims, securing approvals in additional countries, or creating new combinations and reformulations that extend Zoetis innovations to a growing range of those who raise and care for animals worldwide.


Our research is fueled by both innovation within Zoetis and collaboration with external partners. We apply our research to a broad and diverse range of species, therapeutic areas and geographic regions, and our research encompasses vaccines and medicines. In addition, our R&D activities include the development of genetic and diagnostic products as well as biodevices and engineering investments for in-ovo poultry applications.

Vaccines: Zoetis is a global leader in the research and development of products that help prevent infectious diseases in companion animals and livestock, including poultry and aquaculture. Our research includes modified-live, inactivated and gene-modified approaches to disease prevention. Our technical expertise, innovative models and global presence allow for the rapid response to address new and emerging infectious diseases.

Medicines: Zoetis is the leader in the identification, research and development of small and large molecules for therapeutic use in companion animals, and for therapy and improvement of production efficiencies in livestock, poultry and aquaculture.  We seek approaches that improve animal health with a keen eye to environmental sustainability, food safety and food security.

Genetics: Zoetis Genetics R&D delivers comprehensive, state-of-the-art genetic information and support services that deliver genetic predictions and solutions to beef, dairy and sheep producers. From breeding through marketing, our solutions address real-world needs and help customers unlock the value of an animal’s genetic potential.

Diagnostics: Zoetis R&D offers a world-class portfolio of immunodiagnostic products that utilize such technologies as enzyme linked immuno-sorbent assay (ELISA), Rapid Immuno Migration (RIM™) tests, and agar gel immuno-diffusion (AGID) tests. Our Diagnostic portfolio consists of more than 90 diagnostic tests, including those that veterinarians can use at point-of-care and for use in diagnostics reference laboratories.

Biodevices: Zoetis R&D offers a novel and innovative pipeline of automated bio-mechanical solutions to the poultry industry that include cutting edge technologies for in ovo vaccination of embryonated eggs prior to hatch; identification of embryonated egg status, including live and non-live and other related needs. Our Poultry Biodevice portfolio consists of devices for both the large and small poultry producer and the manufacturer of egg-based vaccines for either human or veterinary use.



The Zoetis R&D organization is comprised of scientific experts across numerous disciplines in science and veterinary medicine.  These experts leverage state-of-the-art research facilities, the latest technologies and innovative approaches to deliver complete health solutions to veterinarians and livestock producers.

Operations Worldwide

In addition to our global R&D headquarters in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Zoetis research network includes R&D teams throughout the United States (California, Iowa, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey and North Carolina), Europe (Belgium and Spain), Australia, and in key emerging markets (Brazil, India and China).

This worldwide network allows us to listen to livestock producers and veterinarians, region by region, and translate their challenges into practical and cost-effective innovations tailored to meet their needs. Our regional footprint, supported by our in-country and global market research, is at the core of our ability to respond rapidly and accurately when emerging infectious diseases spread and threaten the lives of people, animals and livelihoods.


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