STAR Program

There are several reproductive diseases that can be managed with testing and vaccination programs. This includes Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (BVDV also known as Bovine Pestivirus), leptospirosis and vibriosis. Unmanaged these diseases could be robbing a herd of its reproductive potential. This is reflected in less surplus heifers, bulls and steers available for sale each year. Without testing and vaccinating, a stud breeder could be inadvertently passing on reproductive diseases into a stud buyer’s herd.

Welcome to STAR - Steps Taken Against Reproductive diseases. STAR Program run by Zoetis Australia is a quality assurance program for stud bulls and females. Stud breeders can protect their stud’s reputation by ensuring their sale stock is protected from transmitting reproductive diseases. Stud buyers need to be assured that the animals they are purchasing are not going to introduce preventable reproductive diseases into their herds.

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