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Puppies that start with you, stay with you

The Paw Club Care Puppy Program is a vet exclusive app- based loyalty scheme that is designed to help you provide your clients with the comprehensive protection they need right from the start; whilst rewarding them for repurchasing from your clinic.

Paw Club Care Puppy Program

Comprehensive protection for your clients, increased revenue and loyalty to your clinic:

Vet only heartworm protection

Simparica – stops fleas and ticks and controls mange and mites

Cazitel – protects against 12 species of intestinal worms and controls shedding of Giardia sp. Oocysts

How the program works:

1. Installation

Zoetis sales representative installs Paw Club Care in your clinic free of charge
(clinic value of $1,000 at no charge to you).

2. Puppy Pack Delivery

Your clinic receives Puppy packs to give to clients when their pup is 8 weeks (2 months of age) and to which you will prescribe vet only heartworm protection.

Each pack contains a Simparica puppy sample, a Cazitel sample and a pet owner puppy passport which serves as physical treatment record for your clients.

3. Download the app

Pet owner downloads the Paw Club Care smart phone app to help them keep track of their purchases, which encourages them to come back to your clinic to repurchase.

Important information: This program is for registered veterinarians only.

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