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  • Scabigard is the world’s first tissue cultured scabby mouth vaccine for the control of scabby mouth disease in lambs and sheep.

    Scabigard is a living vaccine which induces immunity by producing a mild, "controlled" form of the disease at a protected vaccination site.

    Scabigard is grown in a laboratory using cells which are tested free from adventitious agents (including bacterial or viral contaminants).

  • Protects lambs and sheep against scabby mouth.

  • Vaccination of lambs and sheep against scabby mouth where the disease is common.

    All lambs should be vaccinated at marking as a routine.

    When beginning a vaccination program it is advisable to vaccinate all sheep and lambs. Vaccinated sheep can act as a source of infection for non-vaccinates.

    When lambs are examined one week after vaccination, a line of pustules should be visible along the track of the scratch made on the skin. These lesions indicate successful vaccination and are referred to as ‘takes’.

    Susceptible sheep or lambs must 'take' in order to become immunised against scabby mouth.

    Failure to 'take' may be due to poor vaccination technique, improper handling of the vaccine resulting in a loss of potency, or because the sheep are already immune.

    Revaccination should be considered where a take has not occurred.

    Immunity develops in about 2 weeks.

  • The only vaccine in Australia available for the control of scabby mouth.

    Prevents mortality, lameness, blow fly strike, mastitis and skin lesions associated with scabby mouth.

    Low volume dose per scratch.

  • Scabigard must be administered to sheep using the purpose designed reusable Scabigard applicator. Sterilise the applicator before reuse.

    Sheep must be scratched on a bare area of skin (side of the brisket or inside of the foreleg) to ensure an effective vaccination take.

    Hold the applicator at 45 degrees to the skin and with both applicator prongs touching the skin, make a single 4 to 5 cm long scratch on the bare skin.

    The scratch must be sufficient to cause skin damage, but not draw blood. The blue dye allows the operator to see that the applicator is working correctly and the vaccine is distributed along the entire 4 to 5 cm scratch.

    Do not use any antiseptic on the skin as this will destroy the virus.

    Care should be taken to make sure antiseptics used in marking should not contaminate the site.

  • Packaging
    250 dose bottle

    Scabby mouth is a zoonotic disease transmissible to humans and Scabigard® is a live vaccine so care should be taken when handling the vaccine.

    Store at 2°C to 8°C (refrigerate. Do not freeze.) Protect from light.

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