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  • Description:

    • Rapid Immuno-Migration (RIM) Assay for detection of Parvovirus antigen in the faeces of dogs.
    • Point-of-Care test with results in 10 minutes or less.

    Recommendations for use:

    • Confirmation of infection with Parvovirus in sick dogs.


    • Remove the top portion, containing the cotton swab, from a sample extraction pipette.
    • Dispense Extraction Buffer into the base of the sample extraction pipette until the buffer reaches the graduation mark.
    • Taking the top portion of the sample extraction pipette, coat the cotton swab with a thin layer of faeces from a stool sample, or an anal swab.
    • Insert the swab into the dispensed extraction buffer in the base of the sample extraction pipette. Securely fit the top portion onto the base and tap to mix for 5 seconds to ensure good sample extraction.


    • Tear open the pouch provided and place the test device on a flat horizontal surface during the migra- tion of the samples.
    • Snap the top of the sample extraction pipette (at the blue line) containing the extracted faecal sample.
    • Invert and hold the sample extraction pipette in a vertical (upright) position and squeeze the base gently to dispense five drops of sample to the sample well (Window (1)).
    • If migration does not pass Window (2) by one minute, add one additional drop of sample in Window (1).


    • Wait 10 minutes, then observe the presence or absence of purple bands in Windows (2) and (3).
    • Sample results are read in Window (2). The control band is read in Window (3).

    Notes :

    • The test is complete and may be read before

    10 minutes if purple bands are visible in both

    Windows (2) and (3).

    • The presence of a purple band only in Window (3) before 10 minutes does not mean that the test is com- plete. A purple band in Window (2) may develop slower

    than the control purple band in Window (3).

    4. RESULTS

    Negative - A sample is negative for Canine Parvovirus antigen, if there is no purple band visible in Window

    (2) and a purple band in Window (3).

    Positive - A sample is positive for Canine Parvovirus antigen if there is one purple band visible in Window

    (2) and one purple band in Window (3).

    Note : A test is valid if a purple band is present in Window (3). If there is no purple band in Window (3), the test is invalid and should be repeated.

    Remember : A test result should always be interpreted in the context of all available clinical information and history for the dog being tested.

    Pack sizes:

    • 5 tests per kit.


    • Patented RIM® technology.
    • Simple 4 step process with easy to read colour change result in 10 minutes.
    • Quality European manufacturing.
    • Low potential for faecal spillage during testing procedure.
    • Storage and testing at room temperature.
    • No additional equipment required.
  • Dosage:

    • Animals vaccinated against Parvovirus can give weak positive test results if tested between 3 and 10 days post-vaccination.
    • CPV is seldom detectable after 5-7 days of clinical illness.


    • Store at 2-25°C.
    • Shelf life 12-18 months.
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