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  • Description:

    • Rapid Immuno-Migration (RIM) Assay for the detection of canine and feline Luteinising Hormone at levels above physiological baseline.
    • Point-of-Care test with results in 20 minutes.

    Recommendations for use:

    • Used to optimise timing of mating in bitches in order to maximise reproductive efficiency.
    • Used to predict whelping dates in bitches.
    • Can determine neutering status of bitch or queen.
    • Can be used for detection of ovarian remnants post-desexing.

    Pack sizes:

    • 6 tests per kit.


    • Patented RIM® technology.
    • Simple 1 step process with easy to read colour change result in 20 minutes.
    • Quality European manufacturing.
    • Serum as sample with no buffer required.
    • Storage and testing at room temperature.
    • Package insert and product website provides extensive information regarding protocols for use.
  • Dosage:

    • For breeding purposes, interpretation in conjunction with serum progesterone levels and vaginal cytology may be employed.
    • In desexed bitches and queens, Witness® LH will be positive on 2 consecutive tests 2 hours apart.
    • In detection of ovarian remnants, a negative test indicates presence of ovarian remnants. A positive test should be followed with a second test 2 hours later, at which time a positive test would indicate absence of ovarian remnants and a negative test would indicate presence of ovarian remnants.


    • Shelf life 18 months.
    • Store at 2-25°C.
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