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    • Easy to use faecal collection and flotation system for the detection of intestinal parasitic ova and cysts of Giardia spp.
    • For the detection of intestinal parasitic ova, coccidia, tapeworm segments and Giardia spp. in clinically unwell animals or for screening or monitoring purposes.
    • Clean professional faecal testing system with built-in sample collection device means no messy scooping.
    • Exclusive Ova-Spin feature breaks up even the most difficult sample.
    • Positive locking filter chamber and large overflow reservoir ensure a non-spill test.
    • 100% sealable and disposable.
    • May be supplied to pet owners to be filled and returned to the clinic for testing as part of a regular parasite maintenance program.
    • Write-on cap for easy patient identification.
    • Tear-off simple to follow client instructions.
    • With the filled insert in place, initially add zinc sulphate solution until fluid level reaches half-way up device, then rotate the insert to mix, and then press down the insert firmly to seat device before adding more fluid until a meniscus is formed at the top. Then place a large coverslip on the mensicus and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes before removing the coverslip and placing onto a microscope slide, prior to transferring to a microscope for evaluation.
    • Do not try to empty the used device after the coverslip is removed, simply replace the cap to re-seal the device and dispose into the garbage.
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