CIDR® Devices (Sheep and Goat)

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    • The Eazi-Breed®CIDR® Sheep and Goat Device treatment programs represent a convenient and effective method for both synchronizing and inducing oestrus in production animals. Using only naturally occurring progesterone, these unique treatment programs take control of the oestrous cycle by mimicking normal physiological events.
    • CIDR® Sheep and Goat Devices contain the natural hormone progesterone. Intra-vaginally placed CIDR's release progesterone at a controlled rate into the blood stream.
    • Oestrus synchronization during the breeding season.
    • Ovulation control in does for artificial insemination, (AI), embryo collection and transfer programmes.
    • Advancing the breeding season in sheep.
    • Breeding programs using the CIDR® Sheep and Goat Device can:
    • Tighten oestrous synchronization so animals come into heat in a narrow window
    • Provide an opportunity to induce a fertile oestrus
    • Using CIDR® Sheep and Goat Devices can result in:
    • Better use of time and labour during breeding and at parturition
    • Enhanced use of artificial insemination for greater genetic gain
    • Easier customised matings because AI is more feasible
    • A more profitable flock
    • Bags containing 20 CIDR® Sheep & Goat Devices
    • Applicators sold separately
  • Storage:
    Store in a dry place below 30°C (room temperature).

    Withholding period:
    Meat: 24 hours


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