Linco-Spectin® Soluble Powder

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  • Linco-Spectin Soluble Powder contains 222mg/g Lincomycin and 445mg/g Spectinomycin in a water soluble powder for medication of pigs and poultry. For the treatment of swine dysentery, enteritis and respiratory disease associated with Mycoplasma species in pigs, and the treatment of chronic respiratory disease in poultry.

    • Activity over a broader spectrum - the combined effect of lincomycin and spectinomycin is especially effective on mixed enteric diseases.
    • Ideal for high infection pressure during post-weaning periods when you have to act fast. Use Linco-Spectin at the first signs of disease.
    • Convenient (also available as an injectable or feed premix formulation).
    • Pigs:
      For the treatment of infections caused by organisms sensitive to the actions of lincomycin and/or spectinomycin, including swine dysentery (Serpulina hyodysenteriae), post-weaning bacterial enteritis and respiratory disease associated with Mycoplasma spp.
    • Poultry:
      Treatment and control of chronic respiratory disease due to mycoplasma.
    • Pigs:
      Provide 63mg of combined antibiotic activity per litre or add the contents of one pack to 1600 litres of drinking water for 4 to 7 days, depending on severity of disease.
    • Poultry:
      For control of losses due to CRD, administer 150mg of combined antibiotic activity/kg of bodyweight per day (approx. 10,000 birds/pack/day) for the first 3 to 5 days of life, then 50mg combined antibiotic activity/kg bodyweight (approx. 2,500 birds/pack/day) for one day at about 4 weeks of age.

    To treat an outbreak of CRD mix one pack to 200litres of drinking water and administer for 3 days. For domestic poultry mix one gram of the powder to 2litres of water.

    • Any variation by the prescribing veterinarian to the approved dose, frequency, duration, route, disease or target species may result in the need to extend the approved withholding period.


    • Withholding Periods:
      • Pigs: 8 days
      • Poultry Meat: 10 days
      • Eggs: Nil
    • Schedule:
      S4 – Prescription Animal Remedy
    • See label instructions for complete precautions, warnings and safety information.
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