GlanEry 7in1 B12

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  • Description

    GlanEry 7in1 B12 is a NEW advanced vaccine that protects your Sheep and Lambs from Erysipelas arthritis, Cheesy Gland (CLA) and the 5 most important Clostridial diseases - Tetanus, Pulpy Kidney (enterotoxaemia), Black Disease, Blackleg and Malignant Oedema – all in a single convenient, highly effective vaccine with the added benefit of being boosted with Vitamin B12. 

    Recommendations for use

    For the active immunisation of sheep to prevent mortality or clinical signs associated with Enterotoxaemia (Pulpy Kidney), Tetanus, Black Disease, swollen head in rams, Malignant Oedema and Blackleg; to reduce clinical signs and lesions associated with caseous lymphadenitis (CLA or Cheesy Gland); to reduce clinical signs of Erysipelas arthritis.

    For the treatment and prevention of Vitamin B12 deficiency in sheep, in areas of known or suspected cobalt deficiency.

    The GlanEry Advantage

    • Stops Lame Lambs from Erysipelas Arthritis
    • Protects your Wool Cut
    • Easy & Convenient to Use
    • Protects Meat Quality
    • More Lambs to sell
  • Dosage

    • Dosage is 1mL for all sheep


    • Inject 1mL, under the skin (subcutaneous), on the side of the neck, approximately 5cm from the base of the ear.

     Pack sizes

    • 250mL


    • Store in a fridge between 2oC and 8oC
    • 30-day reuse claim when label directions are followed correctly.


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