Fevac® 3 Vaccine

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  • Description:

    Inactivated vaccine prepared from feline panleucopenia (feline enteritis) virus, feline rhinotracheitis virus (feline herpesvirus type 1) and feline calicivirus grown in a continuous feline cell line. Fevac® 3 contains a water-soluble adjuvant to enhance the immune response.

    Recommendations for use:

    For the immunisation of cats against feline panleucopaenia (feline enteritis) virus, feline rhinotracheitis virus (feline herpesvirus type 1) and feline calicivirus.

    Pack sizes:

    Injection, single dose 1 mL vial: 20’s.


      • Inactivated feline vaccines against core and non-core feline diseases.
      • Inactivated feline vaccines have no risk of causing disease in vaccine recipients, no risk of live virus shedding or cat-to-cat spread that can occur with modified live-virus vaccines, no risk of aerosol spread or ingestion of virus particles from the injection site
    • Dosage:

      • Fevac® 3 may be administered to cats of all ages. Kittens may be vaccinated at 10 and 14 weeks of age.
      • If younger than 10 weeks of age when receiving their first dose they should receive a third dose of vaccine 3-4 weeks after their second dose to ensure maximum protection.


      Store between 2°C and 8°C (Refrigerate. Do not freeze). Protect from light.

    • Human Safety

      Additional user safety

      Take care to avoid accidental self-injection. In the event of self-administration, seek prompt medical attention and take this package leaflet/carton with you. Accidental self-administration may result in local bruising, severe pain and swelling, particularly if injected into a joint or finger, and in rare cases could result in the loss of the affected finger if prompt medical attention is not given. If pain persists for more than 12 hours after medical examination, seek medical advice again.

      First Aid Statement

      If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 131126.

      This material may cause a mild allergic reaction in sensitive individuals on skin contact. Avoid skin contact. If skin or hair contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and flush skin and hair with running water. If splashed in eyes, wash out immediately with water.

      Registered label warnings

      Side Effects

      Some animals may show transient post-vaccination reactions including pain, malaise, lethargy, inappetence, transient fever, depression and/or stiffness. These reactions usually disappear within 24-48 hours. Allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis occur rarely and may require parenteral treatment with an antihistamine, a corticosteroid or adrenalin as appropriate. Local site reactions after vaccination are rare but transient swelling, pain and subcutaneous thickening may occur.

      Additional Information

      Fevac 3 vaccine is an inactivated vaccine.

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