Cylap® RCD Vaccine

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  • Cylap vaccine is an adjuvanted vaccine containing inactivated viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD) virus

    • Inactivation of the vaccine assures no replication of vaccine virus.
    • No deleterious effects on the foetus, does not cause abortion, or have any impact on weaning.
  • For active immunisation to prevent clinical signs and mortality caused by rabbit viral haemorrhagic disease

    • 1 mL initial vaccination dose by subcutaneous route.
    • Rabbits should be vaccinated at 10-12 weeks of age.
    • If epizootic conditions make vaccination advisable before the age of ten weeks then animals should be re-vaccinated one month after the first innoculation or when they reach the age of 10-12 weeks, whichever occurs first.
    • An annual booster vaccination is recommended