Cerenia® Injectable

Maropitant Citrate

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  • Description:

      Cerenia is a potent NK-1 receptor antagonist that acts by blocking the binding of Substance P, thus preventing vomiting.

        Recommendations for use:

          • Treats and prevents vomiting and nausea from multiple causes, including the prevention of vomiting due to motion sickness.
          • For the prevention of perioperative nausea and vomiting and improvement in recovery from general anaesthesia after use of the u-opiate receptor agonist morphine.
          • Injectable formulation for clinic use (dogs and cats)

              Pack sizes:

              Cerenia Injectable Solution is supplied in 20 mL multidose glass vials; each mL contains 10 mg of maropitant and treats 10 kg of body weight.



                • The first APVMA-approved veterinary medication with once-daily dosing for acute canine and feline emesis.
                • Developed specifically for dogs and cats.
                • Works in the emetic centre, blocking stimuli from both central and peripheral pathways for broader efficacy.
                • Once-daily dosing — easier for veterinarians and their patients and enhances owner compliance.
                • Non-sedating.
                • Rapid onset of action — within one hour of SC administration.
                          • Dosage:

                              Cerenia Injectable Solution is administered SC or intravenously at 1 mL/10 kg for the treatment and prevention of acute vomiting in dogs from 8 weeks of age and cats from 16 weeks of age. It may be given for up to five consecutive days.


                                Store below 30°C (Room Temperature). Do not freeze. Protect from light.

                              • Human Safety

                                First Aid Statement

                                If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 131126.

                                Registered label warnings


                                NOT TO BE USED in food producing species of animals.


                                The safety of CERENIA has not been established during pregnancy and lactation and in puppies less than 16 weeks of age.

                                Do not mix with other veterinary products in the same syringe. The chemical compatibility of CERENIA with other products has not been tested.

                                Side Effects

                                Any adverse events noted with this preparation should be reported to the manufacturer.

                                Pain at the injection site may occur.

                                In cats, moderate to severe response to injection is very commonly observed (in approximately 1/3 of cats). This response may be expressed by behavioural changes and/or hyper salivation. Injecting the product at refrigerated temperatures may reduce pain at injection. Due to the frequent occurrence of transient pain during injection, appropriate animal restraining measures may be required.

                                Dry mucous membranes may also be observed.


                                Emesis can be associated with serious, severely debilitating conditions, and the cause should be investigated. Products such as CERENIA should be used in conjunction with other supportive measures.

                                CERENIA should not be used concomitantly with Ca-channel antagonists as maropitant has affinity for Ca-channels.

                                Maropitant is metabolised in the liver and therefore should be used with caution in dogs with liver disease.

                                Maropitant is highly bound to plasma proteins and may compete with other highly bound drugs. Therefore use cautiously with other highly protein bound drugs or in dogs that have reduced plasma protein binding capacity such as aged or hypoproteinaemic animals.

                                CERENIA should be used with caution in animals suffering from, or with a predisposition to, heart disease.

                                Margin of safety studies indicate that use of CERENIA at above-level dose rates in 8 to 16 week old puppies may be associated with loss of bodyweight and bone marrow hypocellularity. These effects may be more pronounced in younger puppies. The veterinarian should assess the benefits of emesis control in young puppies noting that the effect of CERENIA use on survival outcomes of dogs with gastrointestinal infections (e.g. Canine Parvovirus, coccidian) has not been studied.

                                Additional Information

                                The assessment of the severity of nausea is subjective, and the efficacy of the product is likely to be more variable against nausea than emesis. As, such this product should be used under close veterinary supervision and subsequent to a comprehensive clinical examination. Product use may need to be in conjunction with other supportive measures such as dietary management and most importantly treatment of the underlying cause.


                                In clinical studies, CERENIA was used safely in dogs receiving other frequently used veterinary products such as fluid and electrolyte replacement solutions, antimicrobial agents, vaccines, antacids and antiparasitic agents. While drug interactions through concomitant use with these products were not specifically evaluated, there were no notable differences in mean laboratory values between CERENIA-treated and placebo-treated patients. The safety of CERENIA when used concurrently with other centrally acting agents (e.g. anaesthetics and sedatives) has not been studied.


                                The safety of CERENIA in cats when used concurrently with other centrally acting agents (e.g. sedatives and anaesthetics) has not been studied.

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