Avatec-Bovatec ® Technical Cattle

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  • Avatec/Bovatec Technical is ionophore containing Lasalocid sodium approx. 900g/kg (90%)

    • This Lasalocid premix is recommended as an aid in the improvement of milk production by dairy cows fed high protein grass pastures and by lot feed dairy cattle.
    • For the control of clinical signs of coccidiosis and reduction of faecal shedding caused by Eimeria bovis and Eimeria zuernii in growing cattle.
    • Bovatec® medicated feed may cause a reduction of intake when first introduced to cows.
    • To minimise this effect cattle may be acclimatised by phasing in medicated feed over several days during pre-calving period
    • Medicated feed is well tolerated after the introductory period
    • Provide medicated feed for the duration of lactation, or whenever coccidiosis is a risk to growing cattle
    • Avatec/Bovatec® Technical is not for resale in this form and directions for use are given as a guideline only
    • It is intended for use by feed formulators for incorporation in medicated premixes
    • Do not exceed recommended use rate for Bovatec®
    • Avatec/Bovatec is designed to be mixed into a concentrate premix, direct application to finished feeds is not recommended.
    • Thoroughly mix Avatec/Bovatec® Technical into the premix to provide following rate of Lasalocid sodium.
    • General Administration rate for Avatec/Bovatec® Technical; is to be used continuously in the feed. Formulate premix to assure between 10g and 60g of the Lasalocid sodium per tonne (1000kg) of finished feed is achieved based on the below management situations.
    • Preferred daily use rate is 33g of Lasalocid sodium per tonne (1000kg) finished feed (33ppm).
    • Administration according to management situation:
      • For improvement in liveweight gains and feed conversion efficacy in total mixed rations mix 37g of Avatec/Bovatec® Technical in one (1) tonne (1000kg) of feed on a 100% dry matter basis. This provides 33mg Lasalocid/kg (33ppm) in the feed



    • In supplements for hand feeding pasture cattle, hand feed continuously at the rate of 200mg Lasalocid per animal per day. Ensure equal accessibility for cattle feed a minimumof 0.5kg of the medicated supplement per head per day.



    • For improvement in milk production in lactating dairy cattle mix Avatec/Bovatec® Technical into the feed in order to deliver 300mg of Lasalocid sodium (i.e. 333mg of Avatec/Bovatec® Technical) per cow per day.
    •  In supplements add Avatec/Bovatec® Technical to grain based supplements at the following rate to provide the recommended Lasalocid dose in total daily allowances (kg) of supplements:



    • For control of the clinical signs of coccidiosis:
      • In unweaned calves ensure adequate intake of Lasalocid greater or equal to 1mg/kg of bodyweight daily for three (3) days prior to expected coccidial challenge.
      • In calves less than four (4) weeks of age use of Bovatec® LIQUID is recommended for unweaned calves as it may not be possible to achieve adequate dose by mixing Bovatec® 20CC with starter pelleted feed alone.
      • It is not recommended use of Avatec/Bovatec® Technical with milk
      • In complete rations mix 37g of Avatec/Bovatec® Technical in one (1) tonne (1000kg) of feed on a 100% dry matter basis


    • In supplements to a ration calves supplements must provide an average daily intake as follows”

    • Use only in feed premixes for lot fed and supplement fed beef and dairy cattle and calves.
    • Should not be fed more than 400mg Lasalocid per head per day to lactating dairy cattle
    • Not to be fed to horses or other equids as this may be fatal.
    • Keep medicated feed, premix and milk replacer out of reach of dogs and other domesticated pets.
  • Do not contaminate dams, rivers, streams or other waterways with Avatec/Bovatec® Technical because is toxic to fish and some aquatic invertebrates.

    • Storage:
      • Store below 30ºC (Room Temperature) in a dry place.
      • Protect from light.
      • Keep bag tightly closed
    • Withholding period:
      • Meat – Zero (0) days
      • Milk– Zero (0) days
    • Bovatec® 20CC Lasalocid Sodium Premix (20%)
    • Bovatec® Liquid 200mg/L (20%)
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