RespiSure® One

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  • RespiSure® One is a bacterin for vaccination of healthy pigs, at approximately three weeks of age, as an aid in the prevention of chronic pneumonia caused by Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae for a period of 25 weeks following a single vaccination. RespiSure® One also contains chemically inactivated whole cell culture of M. hyopneumoniae, coupled with the unique oil adjuvant Amphigen.
    RespiSure® One is formulated with a substantially higher antigenic mass compared to RespiSure®.

  • An aid in the prevention of enzootic pneumonia in pigs caused by Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae. Single vaccination.

    • RespiSure® One, the vaccine that provides lifetime protection for grower pigs against mycoplasmal pneumonia with a single dose.
    • Unlike other mycoplasma vaccines, RespiSure® One is uniquely formulated with a high concentration of immunising agent and Amphigen®
    • Provides 25 weeks effective protection against the productivity-robbing consequences of mycoplasmal pneumonia.
    • All in one highly syringeable, easy-to-administer dose.
    • Give your pigs the Amphigen advantage.
  • 100mL vials (50 doses per vial) or 500mL vials (250 doses per vial).

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