Poulvac® Sterile Diluent

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  • Sterile water based diluent containing NZ amine saccharose

  • For subcutaneous and in-ovo administration of Poulvac Marek’s vaccines

  • Viatex plastic bag. 400mL, 800ml & 1,200mL

  • Suitable for use with the following vaccines:

    Poulvac© CVI

    Poulvac© MD Vac

    Poulvac© CVI/HVT

    400ml bag contains sufficient diluent volume for 2,000 subcutaneous administered doses or 8,000 in-ovo administered doses. 

    800ml bag contains sufficient diluent volume for 4000 subcutaneous administered doses or 16,000 in-ovo administered doses.

    1,20ml bag contains sufficient diluent volume for 6,000 subcutaneous administered doses or 24,000 in-ovo administered doses.

    Read directions on vaccine insert before use.

    When reconstituting:

    Using a sterile mixing syringe with a 38 mm 18-gauge (18G X 1½”) needle, draw up a small amount of diluent from the bag.

    Gently inject the diluent into the ampoule (and tip) and swirl to thoroughly mix the contents.

    Draw the contents from the vaccine ampoule (and tip) into the syringe and swirl gently. Insert the needle into the diluent bag and slowly expel the contents of the syringe. Mix well by gently swirling the bottle or bag.

    Repeat by withdrawing a small amount of the diluent now containing reconstituted vaccine and use to rinse the open ampoule, injecting the rinses back into the reconstituted vaccine.

    This reconstitution procedure may need to be multiplied over a number of ampoules to attain the required number of vaccine doses for the diluent volume used.

    While vaccinating, place the diluted vaccine (in the diluent bag) into a chilled insulated holder.

  • Storage:
    Store at room temperature.

    Avoid freezing or excessive temperatures (over 40°C).

    Protect from light.


    Read vaccine product label prior to use

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