Poulvac© ST

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  • Poulvac ST is an Aro-A deletion modified live bacterial vaccine presented in a freeze-dried form.  Each vial contains 2,500doses. Each dose contains Salmonella Typhimurium ≥ 1 x 107 CFU

  • This vaccine is recommended for mass administration to healthy chickens as an aid in the reduction of Salmonella Typhimurium colonisation of the internal organs, including the intestines and caeca.

  • Glass vials – 5,000ds each

    Packed in tray of 10 (50,000ds total)

  • Use all the contents of the product vial immediately after reconstitution

    Vaccinate by coarse spray at 1 day of age. A second vaccination should be administered at 2 weeks of age via drinking water.

    Spray method

    Remove seal from vial of vaccine.

    Remove the stopper and half-fill vial with cool, sterile distilled water.

    Replace stopper and shake, until vaccine is in solution

    Pour rehydrated vaccine into a clean container of cool, sterile distilled water to dilute the vaccine as indicated for your specific coarse spray vaccination machine.

    For example, with a machine that dispenses 10 mL to a box of 100 chickens, use a total of 500 mL of cool, sterile distilled water per 5,000 doses of vaccine or 1 litre of cool, sterile distilled water per 10,000 doses of vaccine. Mix thoroughly.

    Prime and adjust the machine as instructed in manual accompanying the specific machine. Activate spray head.

    The vaccine is now ready for immediate use.

    Keep the birds inside the boxes at least 30 minutes after spraying to assure preening effect.

    Drinking Water Method


    Whenever available clean rainwater/tank water containing 2.5 grams of instant skim milk powder per litre should be used as a diluent for reconstitution.

    The vaccine should be prepared immediately before use by tearing the cap off the vial, removing the rubber stopper and resuspending the bacteria with pre-chilled diluent. After shaking, the reconstituted vaccine is poured into the 3-5 litres of skim milk solution (2.5 grams of instant skim milk per litre of chilled water).

    Vaccination delivery may be via drinking water lines or direct dispensing to drinkers.

    See pack instruction sheet for detailed notes on application and administration.

  • When using the drinking water method for the 3-day period prior to vaccination no disinfectants or pharmaceuticals are to be used in the drinking water system

  • Each bird must receive the full dose of living vaccine to be fully protected.

    The living vaccine bacteria must not be exposed to disinfectants or heat.

    Only birds in good health should be vaccinated

  • Storage:
    Store at 2oC to 8ºC (refrigerate. Do not freeze.) Protect from light.

    Withholding period:
    Zero (0) days

    Export Slaughter Interval :-
    Zero (0) days


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