Poulvac© Newcastle NDV4

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  • A freeze dried modified live viral vaccine. Each dose contains Newcastle disease live virus (V4 strain; ≥ 106.0 EID50)

  • For the prevention of Newcastle Disease in poultry

  • Glass vials – 5,000ds each

    Packed in tray of 10 (50,000ds total)

  • Use all product within 30 minutes of reconstitution


    The product can be used to vaccinate day old chickens by eyedrop, spray or intranasal application. Chickens over 4 days of age can be vaccinated via the drinking water method.



    • 1st Vaccination: Eyedrop, spray or intranasal methods from day old. Water vaccination from 4 days or older.

    • 2nd Vaccination: 3 weeks later usually by water but eyedrop or intranasal routes can be used.


    Two vaccinations three weeks apart using the drinking water method are recommended, but other methods may be employed. Replacement birds should be revaccinated at 14-16 weeks of age by the most appropriate method.


    Drinking water vaccination, but other methods may be employed.

    Eye drop method

    Reconstitution Reconstitute the vaccine with Poulvac® Eye Drop Diluent. Poulvac® Eye Drop Diluent is supplied in a plastic bottle which becomes the dropper bottle when the provided dropper cap is fitted.

    Hold the bird with one eye upward and,using the dropper bottle allow one drop to fall onto the eye. Make sure the drop of vaccine spreads over the surface of the eye before releasing the bird.

    Intranasal method

    Prepare the vaccine as for the eyedrop method.

    Place a finger over one nostril of the bird and holding the beak closed allow one drop of vaccine to fall into the other nostril.


    Drinking water method

    Administration of the vaccine in the drinking water can be achieved either by using the medication tank method or by direct dispensing into the drinkers. Good husbandry and careful technique are required for good results.

    Prepare the diluent by mixing 2.5 g of dried skim milk in 1 litre of clean water. Rainwater should be used when available.

    2. Reconstitute the vaccine by injecting 1.5 mL of the prepared diluent into the vaccine vial in the same manner as described in 3 and 4 under eyedrop method.

    3. Remove the resuspended vaccine from the vial with a syringe and mix it into the diluent prepared in 1 above. Stir thoroughly with a clean paddle.

    Pour the mixed vaccine into the final volume of water and skim milk that has been calculated on the flock consumption of water over 2 hours.

    Vaccination delivery may be via drinking water lines or direct dispensing to drinkers.

    Early morning administration is recommended.

    Spray method

    Remove seal from vial of vaccine.

    Remove the stopper and half-fill vial with cool, sterile distilled water.

    Replace stopper and shake, until vaccine is in solution

    Pour rehydrated vaccine into a clean container and add cool, sterile distilled water to dilute the vaccine as indicated for your specific coarse spray vaccination machine.

    For example, with a machine that dispenses 10 mL to a box of 100 chickens, use a total of 500 mL of cool, sterile distilled water per 5,000 doses of vaccine or 1 litre of cool, sterile distilled water per 10,000 doses of vaccine. Shake thoroughly.

    The vaccine is now ready for immediate use.

    Sanitise the sprayer system in accordance with the procedures described in the operator’s manual.


    Spray equipment may be checked for distribution

    of the vaccine and droplet size using a blue dye

    and an empty box lined with white paper.


    See pack instruction sheet for detailed notes on application and administration.

  • Use of this vaccine may be restricted in your State or Territory. Contact your local Department of Agriculture (or similar) for details. 

    Please note that management conditions must be satisfactory if Newcastle Disease vaccination by drinking water method is to be successful.

  • When handling Newcastle Disease vaccines care should be taken to avoid eye splash or exposure of the eyes or nasal passages of the operator to aerosols.

    All containers for mixing the vaccine must be clean and free of disinfectant.

    No drugs or disinfectants should be used in the drinking system for 48 hours before vaccination.

    Skim milk powder, when used as recommended, acts as a stabiliser and protects the live virus in the vaccine.

  • Storage:
    Store at -20oC (freeze.)

    Protect from light.

    Withholding period:
    Zero (0) days




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