Poulvac® Laryngo SA2

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  • A freeze dried modified live viral vaccine. Each dose contains infectious laryngotracheitis virus (SA2 strain; ≥ 104.1 pfu)

  • For the prevention of infectious laryngotracheitis in poultry.

    Poulvac Laryngo SA2 is used principally for the preventative vaccination of young stock. In an acute outbreak of the natural disease, Poulvac Laryngo SA2 may be used in birds of any age in circumstances where expected losses from the natural infection are judged by the veterinarian to be greater than production depression in poorly managed flocks associated with the use of the vaccine.

  • Glass vials – 1,000ds each

    Packed in tray of 10 (10,000ds total)

  • Once reconstituted, the vaccine must be used immediately. 

    Birds are normally vaccinated at 7-10 days and at 8-12 weeks of age.

    In normal commercial poultry flocks, the two vaccination programs are considered to provide lifelong immunity. In isolated flocks, protection lasts only 16-20 weeks. 

    Eye Drop Method

    Reconstitution Reconstitute the vaccine with Poulvac® Eye Drop Diluent. Poulvac® Eye Drop Diluent is supplied in a plastic bottle which becomes the dropper bottle when the provided dropper cap is fitted.

    Hold the bird with the eye upward and apply 1 drop (0.03 mL) to the eye. Make sure the drop of vaccine spreads over the eye before releasing the bird. It is an important part of successful technique to hold the bird in such a way that the droplet covers the eye surface and does not run off.

    Drinking Water Method


    Whenever available clean water containing 2.5 grams of instant skim milk powder per litre should be used as a diluent for reconstitution.

    The vaccine should be prepared immediately before use by tearing the cap off the vial, removing the rubber stopper and resuspending the virus with pre-chilled diluent. After shaking, the reconstituted vaccine is poured into the 3-5 litres of skim milk solution (2.5 grams of instant skim milk per litre of chilled water). 

    Vaccination delivery may be via drinking water lines or direct dispensing to drinkers.

    Early morning administration is recommended. 

    See pack instruction sheet for detailed notes on application and administration.

  • Research has shown that ILTV vaccine viruses can recombine to potentially form

    more virulent strains of ILTV. To minimise the possibility of this happening, ILTV

    vaccines originating from genetically distinct ILTV strains should not be used

    concurrently in a flock or on a site. It is essential that all birds within a flock

    vaccinated against ILTV each receive an effective immunising dose to ensure that

    there are no naive susceptible birds remaining in the flock.

  • Storage:
    Store below -5oC (freeze.)

    Protect from light.

    Withholding period:
    Zero (0) days




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