Poulvac® CVI Vaccine

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  • Each ampoule contains serotype 1 Marek's disease virus strain CVI 988 ≥ 1,000 pfu/dose. The vaccine virus has been purified and grown in tissue cultures derived from specific pathogen free (SPF) embryos. Contains gentamicin as a preservative.

  • Subcutaneous vaccination of healthy one day old chicks or the in ovo vaccination of 18 to 19 day old embryonated chicken eggs, to aid in the prevention of the signs and lesions of Marek's disease.

  • For directions on safe handling and correct preparation of vaccine solutions, see literature included with product.

    Subcutaneous administration. Vaccinate healthy one day old chicks only. Avoid early exposure of chicks to Marek's disease to allow for development of protection. Dilute only one ampoule at a time. Use 200 mL diluent/1,000 doses of vaccine. An automatic syringe with a 13 mm 20 gauge (20G x 1/2 inch) needle is recommended. Make certain that all the equipment is sterile and change needles frequently. Inject each chick subcutaneously with 0.2 mL of the vaccine.

    Administration with egg injection systems. Vaccinate using the in ovo route of vaccination in 18 to 19 day old healthy embryonated chicken eggs only. Sanitise the egg injection system in accordance with the procedures described in the operator's manual. For in ovo route of vaccination, use 50 mL diluent/1,000 doses of vaccine. The vaccine reconstitution procedure may need to be repeated to attain the required number of vaccine doses for the diluent volume used. While vaccinating, maintain the diluted vaccine (in the diluent bag) in a chilled insulated holder. Carefully read and follow the operator's manual for the egg injection system before initiating vaccination. Failure to follow instructions for operation of the egg injection system may result in personal injury and/or embryonic morbidity and mortality. The egg injection machine is equipped with an automatic injection system that utilises a needle to deposit the vaccine about 25 mm deep into the egg. Inject each egg with 0.05 mL of the vaccine solution.

  • Take care to avoid self-injection. When handling liquid nitrogen, if drowsiness occurs, seek fresh air quickly and ventilate the entire area. Take all precautionary measures, including the use of gloves and face shield or goggles, to avoid potential hazards of handling liquid nitrogen. Also take precautionary measures associated with the possibility of an explosion of glass ampoules as they are taken from the liquid nitrogen refrigerator, canister or holding cane, or as they are placed in the thawing container. When removing the ampoule from the cane, hold the palm of the glove away from the face and body.

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