Poulvac® Bron I

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  • A freeze-dried vaccine. Each dose contains infectious bronchitis virus (Ingham strain; ≥ 103.0 EID50).

  • For the prevention of infectious bronchitis in poultry.

  • Glass vials – 5,000ds each
    Packed in tray of 10 (50,000ds total)

  • This vaccine should be used immediately upon reconstitution.

    When to Vaccinate

    Birds may be vaccinated at 5-7 days of age. Repeat

    vaccination is recommended at 30 days and 10-12 weeks of age. Overseas experience has shown that vaccinated flocks not exposed to field infection while under protection of the vaccine may be susceptible to the disease 4-5 months after


    Selection of the right age to vaccinate depends on a number of factors and each grower will have to determine the times most suitable to his own conditions.

    The vaccine normally issued is intended for use by the drinking water method. If the eye drop method is preferred the user should request a supply of Poulvac® Eyedrop Diluent and eyedropper for application of the vaccine.


    Drinking Water Method


    Whenever available clean water containing 2.5 grams of instant skim milk powder per litre should be used as a diluent for reconstitution.

    The vaccine should be prepared immediately before use by tearing the cap off the vial, removing the rubber stopper and resuspending the virus with pre-chilled diluent. After shaking, the reconstituted vaccine is poured into the 3-5 litres of skim milk solution (2.5 grams of instant skim milk per litre of chilled water).


    Vaccination delivery may be via drinking water lines or direct dispensing to drinkers.

    Early morning administration is recommended.

    Eye Drop Method

    Reconstitution Reconstitute the vaccine with Poulvac® Eye Drop Diluent. Poulvac® Eye Drop Diluent is supplied in a plastic bottle which becomes the dropper bottle when the provided dropper cap is fitted.

    Hold the bird with the eye upward and apply 1 drop (0.03 mL) to the eye. Make sure the drop of vaccine spreads over the eye before releasing the bird. It is an important part of successful technique to hold the bird in such a way that the droplet covers the eye surface and does not run off.

    See pack instruction sheet for detailed notes on application and administration.

  • Occasionally a side reaction is encountered; usually in the form of a respiratory “snicker” best heard at night. If birds are overstressed at time of vaccination the use of electrolyte replacer to overcome any severe reaction is recommended.

  • Only birds in good health should be vaccinated. The presence of mycoplasma infection (C.R.D.) or other

    stress factors may cause severe reaction.

    Each bird must receive the full dose of living vaccine virus to be fully protected.

    The living vaccine virus must not be exposed to disinfectants or heat.

  • Storage:


    Store Below -5°C (FREEZE).


    Protect from light.


    Withholding period:
    Zero (0) days



    Read product label prior to use

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