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  • Neovac® vaccine is used as an aid in the control of neonatal scours occurring in the first 7 to 10 days in new born piglets due to E. coli in pigs.

  • Neovac® vaccine is used to control the Neonatal scours in newborn piglets caused by enterotoxigenic E. coli.

    • Neovac® vaccine is a cell free vaccine used as an aid in the control of neonatal scours in new born pigs cause by Escherichia coli. It is prepared from purified K88ac, K88ab, K99 and 987P pilus antigens from E. coli.
    • Neovac® vaccine is effective in the control of E. coli scours when sows are vaccinated during pregnancy. Vaccination stimulates high levels of antibodies in the colostrum (first milk) of the sow which are transferred to the newborn piglet to provide passive protection.
    • Neovac® vaccine will not prevent scours caused by other disease agents. This product is not recommended for post-weaning E. coli enteritis as this is caused by different strains of E.Coli or for the treatment of clinically ill piglets.
    • Storage:
      2°C to 8°C. (Refrigerate. Do not freeze.) Protect from light.
    • Schedule:
    • See label instructions for complete precautions, warnings and safety information.
    • Previously unvaccinated sows, and sows in their first pregnancy should be vaccinated twice, once at 8-10 weeks prior to farrowing and again 2-4 weeks prior to farrowing (an interval between vaccinations of 4-8 weeks).
    • In subsequent pregnancies sows should receive a single booster dose of Neovac® @ 2-4 weeks prior to farrowing to maximise passive immunity to newborn piglets.
    • IMPORTANT: To be protected, newborn piglets must obtain adequate quantities of colostrum from the sow as soon as possible after birth.
    • 2mL injected intramuscularly.
    • Take care when using the vaccine to avoid accidental injection to humans. Seek medical advice in the event of accidental self injection.
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