Supona® Buffalo Fly Insecticide

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  • Control of buffalo fly (Haematobia irritans exigua) in cattle.

  • Do not contaminate ponds, streams, waterways or drains with waste liquid or used container.

    All efforts should be made to minimise your exposure to chlorfenvinphos, particularly the concentrate. Do not use this product if it is too hot to wear the recommended personal protective equipment.

    Do not treat cattle by overspray at intervals of less than ten days. Do not carry out more than 18 overspray treatments in any one year. Do not use concurrently with, or within ten days of treatment with, other products containing organophosphates. Remove backrubbers at the end of the buffalo fly season. Do not allow access to backrubbers for more than 40 weeks in any one year.

  • Anticholinesterase compound. Handle and use with extreme care. Flammable. Keep away from naked flame.

  • Product is very dangerous, particularly the concentrate. Poisonous if absorbed by skin contact, inhaled or swallowed. Will damage eyes. Will irritate the nose, throat and skin. Repeated exposure may cause allergic disorders. Repeated minor exposure may have cumulative poisoning effect. Obtain an emergency supply of atropine tablets 0.6 mg. Avoid contact with the eyes or skin. Do not inhale vapour or spray mist. When opening the container, preparing the spray, or pouring large quantities, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrists, a washable hat, PVC or rubber apron, elbow length nitrile gloves, goggles, impervious footwear and half facepiece respirator. When using the prepared spray, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist, a washable hat, PVC or rubber apron, elbow length nitrile gloves, goggles and impervious footwear. If excessive splashing or contamination is likely, in addition wear protective waterproof clothing. If clothing becomes contaminated with product or spray remove clothing immediately. After use and before eating, drinking, or smoking wash hands, arms and face thoroughly with soap and water. After each day's use, wash gloves, goggles, contaminated clothing and respirator, and if rubber, wash with detergent and warm water.

  • If product or spray on skin, immediately wash area with soap and water. If product or spray in eyes, wash it out immediately with water.

    If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 131 126. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Give a glass of water. If swallowed, give 1 atropine tablet every five minutes until dryness of the mouth occurs. If poisoned by skin absorption or through lungs, remove any contaminated clothing, wash skin thoroughly and give atropine tablets as above. Get to a doctor or hospital quickly.

  • This container can be recycled if clean, dry, free of visible residues and has the drumMUSTER logo visible. Triple or pressure rinse the container for disposal. Dispose of rinsate or any undiluted chemical according to State legislative requirements. Wash outside of container and the cap. Store clean container in a sheltered place with cap removed. It will then be acceptable for recycling at any drumMUSTER collection or similar container management program. The cap should not be replaced but may be taken separately. If recycling is not available, dispose of container in a local authority landfill. If neither of these options is available, bury the container below 500 mm in a disposal pit specifically marked and set out for this purpose, clear of waterways, vegetation and roots. The empty container and product should not be burnt.

  • Meat Nil.

    Milk Nil. Not to be used in animals producing milk for human consumption or processing when treatment is by backrubber application.

    Export Slaughter Interval Back rubber: 10 days; back spray: nil.

  • Store below 30°C (room temperature). Protect from sunlight. Store in closed original container in a cool, well ventilated separate building or room away from children, animals, fodder and foodstuffs. See product literature.

    Poisons Schedule S7.

    Registration Qld, WA, NT, NSW.

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