Felex® Plus All Wormer Paste

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    • Hookworm – Ancylostomasp, Uncinariastenocephala,
    • Roundworm – Toxocara sp, Toxascarisleonina,
    • Tapeworm – Dipylidiumcaninum, Taeniaspp in cats and kittens.
    • 2.56g x10 syringes
    • 2.56g x 50 syringes
  • Weigh cat and treat according to bodyweight by dosing the corresponding weight graduation marked on the syringe barrel. Each 2.56g syringe will treat up to 4 kg, and can be administered between the teeth at the side of the mouth (introducing the paste onto the tongue). Alternatively, the required dose can be thoroughly mixed in the food or smeared on to the fur of the let or lower chest to be licked off.