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  • Dormosedan® (detomidine hydrochloride 10mg/mL) is a non-narcotic, equine sedative and analgesic that can facilitate minor surgical and diagnostic procedures.

  • Dormosedan® allows you to choose the depth of analgesia and sedation as well as the duration of the sedation with a high degree of accuracy. Dormosedan® can therefore facilitate a wide variety of procedures including minor surgical procedures, general examinations, diagnostic procedures, wound treatment, transportation, dental care, calming fractious horses, therapeutic medication, hoof care and clipping.

    • Non narcotic sedation plus analgesia provides convenient dual mode of action in a single dose, with the ability to "top up" if required.
    • Wide margin of safety - confident prescribing.
    • Dormosedan® is good medicine - versatility allows you to take control in a professional and efficient manner for many equine related tasks.
    • Reliable and consistent results with the ability to tailor dosage to the effects that you need.
    • Dosage is usually from 10 to 80 microgram/kg bodyweight (0.1 to 0.8 mL/100 kg bodyweight) depending on desired depth and duration of effect. Administration is by intravenous or intramuscular route.

    Dose response

    Grade of Effect

    Degree of sedation

    Average duration (hours)

    Dosage microgram/kg (mL/100 kg




    10-20 (0.1-0.2)



    1 - 2

    20-40 (0.2-0.4)



    2 -6

    40-80 (0.4-0.8)

    • For analgesia in colic, until diagnosis is confirmed, recommended dose is 20 to 40 microgram/kg bodyweight (0.2 to 0.4 mL/100 kg bodyweight).
    • The full analgesic effect is established five to 15 minutes following administration.
    • Overdosage: In possible overdose cases, the symptoms may be relieved by atropine or specific alpha 2 antagonist.
  • Clinicians should anticipate the occasional tendency of the horse's head to drop under the influence of Dormosedan® and the subject should be accommodated appropriately. Immediately following administration there may be a tendency to stagger, particularly if high dose rates are employed.

    Dormosedan® is rapidly absorbed from the injection site and evenly distributed. Site tolerance is high with minimal tissue irritation. The horse should not be fed until the effect of the drug has worn off. If the desired level of sedation is not achieved following administration of a low dose, a further additive dose may be given.

    Usual sterile techniques and precautions should be employed as with any parenteral drug administration. Dormosedan® is a potent preparation and any accidental spillage etc. should be promptly washed off.

    The safe handling of horses can be improved with Dormosedan®. Although the horse is easier to handle under Dormosedan® sedation, normal restraint methods are also recommended. Local anaesthetics can be used when required.

    • Storage:
      Store below 25 deg. C (air conditioning). Protect from light.
    • Withholding periods:
      Meat: Do not use in horses that may be slaughtered for human consumption.
    • Poison Schedule:
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