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    • Pack Size: 5
    • Sample: Anticoagulated whole blood, serum or plasma 
    • Detects: Anti-Leptospira IgM antibodies
    • Time to results: 10 minutes
    • Sensitivity: 98.1%
    • Specificity: 93.5
  • WITNESS™ RELAXIN is intended to determine pregnancy in the bitch and queen, as well as to distinguish between pseudopregnancy and real gestation in the bitch. The test measures Relaxin levels in plasma and serum samples. The presence of significant amounts of this hormone is a reliable indicator of pregnancy.
    The WITNESS™ RELAXIN test provides an early, inexpensive and reliable way to determine success or failure of a planned mating or unwanted exposure.
    Canine: Relaxin can be detected in biological samples soon after implantation of the fertilized egg, which occurs about 18 days after LH surge. Relaxin is first detectable by WITNESS™ RELAXIN during the fourth week of pregnancy (from D22 to D28 after ovulation), reaches its highest level in the 6th-8th weeks, and then declines prior to parturition.
    Feline: Some pregnancies may be detected as early as 25 days post-mating, while others may not test positive until after 31 days. It is recommended to test after this date if a previous result was negative. 
    Occasionally, false positive results may occur in non-pregnant queens with elevated Relaxin levels due to cystic ovaries.
    WITNESS™ RELAXIN is a simple test based on Rapid Immuno Migration (RIM™) technology that uses the combination of two anti-Relaxin antibodies to quickly identify this hormone in biological samples (serum or plasma) from the bitch and queen.
  • The test can be performed on serum or plasma (anticoagulated with EDTA, sodium citrate or heparin).
    Always collect samples with a sterile needle and syringe.
    Hemolysis does not significantly interfere with the test, but strongly hemolyzed samples may partly obscure a weak positive band.
    Samples should preferably be tested immediately after collection but not longer than 4 hours after collection, if stored at room temperature. 
    If testing is further delayed, samples should be kept refrigerated (up to 2 days at +2 °C to 8 °C)
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