Witness® Giardia

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  • Description:

    • Rapid Immuno-Migration (RIM) Assay for detection of Giardia intestinalis antigen in faeces.
    • Point-of-Care test with results in 5 minutes.

    Recommendations for use:

    Healthy Dog:

      • Screening in dogs ³ 2 months old as prevalence in asymptomatic animals remains high
      • Before preventative treatment in endemic areas
      • And/or after travelling to an endemic area
          1. Sick Dog:

          • Suspicion of Giardia intestinalis infection.



          Remove the top , containing the cotton swab, from supplied sample extraction pipette.

          Dispense Extraction Buffer from the bottle supplied into the base of sample extraction pipette until the buffer reaches the graduation mark.

          Holding the top of the sample extraction pipette, coat the cotton swab with faeces from a stool sample, or from an anal swab. It is critical that the sample contains between 60mg to 100mg of faeces; so ensure the cotton part of the swab is entirely covered with faeces.

          Insert the swab into the dispensed extraction buffer in the base     of the sample extraction pipette. Securely fit the top onto the base, then tap the pipette to mix the contents for 5 seconds ensuring good sample extraction.


          2. SAMPLE TESTING

          First, tear open the pouch provided and place the test device on a flat horizontal surface for the duration of the tests, to allow correct migration.

          Then snap the upper part of the sample extraction pipette at the blue line. This contains the extracted faecal sample.
          Invert and hold the sample extraction pipette in a vertical (upright) position and gently squeeze the base to dispense five drops of sample ionto the sample well (window (1)). Avoid touching the well itself.

          If fluid is not seen to migrate past window (2) within one minute, add one additional drop of sample into the sample well, window (1).


          3. READING THE TEST

          Wait 5 minutes, and then look for the presence or absence of a red/ pink band in window (2) and a blue band in window (3).

          Sample test results are read in window (2). The control test band is read in window (3).

          Notes :

          A control blue band may appear in window (3) before 5 minutes has elapsed, however the test may not have finished. A red/pink band in window (2) can develop more slowly than the blue control band in window (3) so 5 minutes should elapse before reading.

          The test may be completed and read before 5 minutes only if bands are visible in both windows (2) and (3).


          4. RESULTS

          Negative - A sample is negative for Giardia intestinalis  antigens when there is no red/pink band visible in window (2) whilst a blue control band is visible in window (3).

          Positive - A sample is positive for Giardia intestinalis antigens if there is a red/pink band visible in window (2) and a blue control band is visible in window (3).

          Note : A test is only valid if a blue control band is present in window (3). If there is no blue control band visible in window (3), the test is invalid and should be repeated.

          Remember: A test result should always be interpreted in the context of all available clinical information and history for the dog or cat being tested.

          Pack sizes:

          5 tests per kit.


          • Patented RIM® technology.
          • Simple 4 step process with easy to read colour change result.
          • Quality European manufacturing.
          • Convenient no-spill faecal solution applicator.
          • Storage and testing at room temperature.
          • No additional equipment required.
        • Dosage:

          • The peak age for Giardia positive dogs is 2-4 months of age. More than 15% of 3 months of age asymptomatic puppies are positive to Giardia.2
          • Performing a Giardia test is recommended in all diarrhoeic and/or vomiting animals – within this symptomatic population, overall prevalence in Europe is 25% in dogs and 20% in cats.3


          • Store at 2-25°C.
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