Zoetis and Taronga Zoo extend decade long partnership

Zoetis and Taronga Zoo extend decade long partnership
to assist veterinary operations



SYDNEY, October 12th , 2017 –


Following a decade-long partnership, Zoetis is pleased to announce their in-kind support for Taronga Zoo will continue into 2019, providing medicines, vaccines and diagnostic tools for wildlife within the Zoo.


Taronga Zoo’s Senior Veterinarian, Larry Vogelnest, welcomes the news, which will see further support given to the Zoo’s veterinary programs, including preventive medicine, safe and effective sedation and anaesthesia, breeding and conservation medicine. 


“We are proud to announce the continued relationship between Taronga Zoo and Zoetis, who provide a broad range of products, which are used in day-to-day veterinary management.



“In particular, Zoetis’ contribution has been invaluable for our Asian elephant breeding program and vaccination and parasite control in animals such as Sumatran tigers, meerkats, zebras, and other species,” added Dr Vogelnest.


The partnership between Zoetis and Taronga Zoo contributes to the organisation’s local corporate social responsibility initiatives, alongside volunteering and in-kind donations to charitable organisations. 


“We’re very proud of our long-standing partnership with Taronga Zoo, and are fortunate to help make a tangible impact on the zoo’s animal health programs”, said Dr Stephanie Armstrong, Companion Animal and Equine Business Unit Director, Zoetis.


“Over the past 10 years our medicines, vaccines and diagnostic tools have been utilised to help benefit a number of Zoo animals, and we’re pleased this will continue into 2019,” added Dr Armstrong.


Zoetis’ support of Taronga Zoo forms part of its wider program, Project Engage, which enables the organisation to champion change and help address real-world challenges faced by those who raise and care for farm and companion animals.

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