Zoetis and RSPCA, working together to aid Sydney’s less fortunate


This year, Zoetis has worked with the RSPCA and Mission Australia to provide veterinary checks and care to those living with their animals at the social housing community in Camperdown’s Common Ground. 

Common Ground Sydney operates in a housing first model with an aim to provide individuals with safe and stable accommodation and establishing services onsite that are easy to reach and assist individuals to work towards independent living.

RSPCA has been supporting residents at Common Grounds with the quarterly pet clinic since 2012 and Zoetis has come on board this year. With the support of Zoetis, regular RSPCA visits to the Common Ground ensures that all pets are cared for and are micro-chipped.

Not only are in-kind donations provided to the initiative, every three months, Zoetis staff members join the RSPCA team to attend a clinic day at the Common Ground to conduct veterinary checks.

Most recently, Zoetis Companion Animal Coordinator, Leanne Jones and Sales Representative Pamela Hastwell, attended a clinic day in September this year providing vet checks to companion animals such as: dogs, cats, snakes, lizards and birds.

Leanne says, “By utilising our Zoetis Volunteer Leave we attended the Mission Australia community day and it was a marvellous experience. We walked away feeling extremely motivated and proud to work at a company like Zoetis that allows us to give back to the community and work with amazing partners like RSPCA.”

RSPCA’s Community Outreach Programs Manager, Sandra Ma says thatwe are very fortunate to partner with Zoetis as they have a broad range of products and veterinary experience that is extremely valuable to the work we offer to Mission Australia at the Common Ground.” 

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