Hendra Virus Vaccine Now Fully Registered

Hendra Virus Vaccine Now Fully Registered


Sydney, New South Wales, August 5, 2015 – Zoetis today announced that the Hendra virus vaccine, Equivac® HeV, has received registration from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).


“We at Zoetis are pleased that after nearly three years of positive uptake, Equivac® HeV vaccine has successfully been registered,” said Lance Williams, General Manager for Zoetis in Australia and New Zealand.


“The APVMA undertakes one of the most detailed assessment processes in the world before approving registration of a product and Equivac HeV passed every assessment criteria for registration. Equivac HeV demonstrates Zoetis’ commitment to providing horse owners with quality animal health solutions they can count on.”


Equivac HeV was first made available in November 2012, in response to the growing number of outbreaks and subsequent horse deaths in Queensland and New South Wales. The full registration comes one week after reports of a second Hendra virus outbreak in 2015. The governments of New South Wales and Queensland are urging horse owners to be vigilant with vaccination against the deadly Hendra virus, following the death of two unvaccinated horses from Hendra virus in the past six weeks.


Less than two weeks ago a horse was euthanased on a property in far north Queensland. There were a total of nine horses on the property, six of which were vaccinated against the virus.


Dr Frank Condon from Tablelands Veterinary Clinic reported the case last Friday.


“As a veterinarian, I have seen the devastating consequences of Hendra virus first hand. This case could have been far worse if all nine horses were not vaccinated. You simply can’t take chances with this deadly disease.


“The Hendra vaccine has always been deemed safe by the regulator. Horse owners and vets should take comfort in knowing that this vaccine has met the necessary requirements for registration.


“The time to vaccinate is now. I urge all horse owners to protect their horses, friends and family by vaccinating and remaining compliant with boosters,” said Dr Condon.


To date, the Hendra virus has resulted in more than 90 horse deaths and four human deaths.


Since November 2012, 14 unvaccinated horses have died from Hendra virus. These deaths could have been prevented with vaccination.


Horse owners are encouraged to speak to their veterinarian regarding Hendra vaccination. For more information regarding Equivac® HeV, please visit



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