GlanEry® 7in1 B12 - Indications for use:

For the active immunisation of sheep to prevent mortality or clinical signs associated with Enterotoxaemia (Pulpy Kidney), Tetanus, Black Disease, swollen head in rams, Malignant Oedema and Blackleg; to reduce clinical signs and lesions associated with caseous lymphadenitis (CLA or Cheesy Gland); to reduce clinical signs of Erysipelas arthritis.

For the treatment and prevention of Vitamin B12 deficiency in sheep, in areas of known or suspected cobalt deficiency.

Onset of immunity: 14 days after the primary vaccination course (2 doses)

Duration of immunity: 12 months

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Why GlanEry® 7in1 B12?

GlanEry 7in1 B12 is the most comprehensive sheep vaccine to protect your flock. With its prevention of the major sheep diseases that reduce your productivity and profitability, GlanEry 7in1 B12 is the solution to your primary vaccination needs. GlanEry 7in1 B12 provides supplementation of Vitamin B12 which is immediately available to your animals in one convenient injection.

The convenience of two vaccines in one.

  • Easy & Convenient
  • Stops Lame Lambs (Erysipelas arthritis)
  • More Lambs to Sell
  • Protects Meat Quality
  • Protects your Wool Cut
  • Healthier and Heavier Lambs

The GlanEry® 7in1 B12 Advantage

The great news is that GlanEry 7in1 B12 is safe to use in all sheep. You can use GlanEry in lambs, rams, wethers and in ewes.

GlanEry 7in1 B12 is safe in all stages of pregnancy which provides greater flexibility for your vaccination program. The flexible dosing regime means that you can administer the 1st dose in unvaccinated ewes anywhere from joining or scanning through to 8 weeks prior to lambing with the 2nd booster dose administered ideally 4 weeks pre-lamb.

The advanced 1mL formulation allows easy administration without the need of a special vaccinator. We do however recommend a shrouded vaccinator for best practice vaccination and always 6mm (1/4 inch) needles.

By combining Glanvac and Eryvac into GlanEry you now require less fridge space and reduce the clutter in your yards. Marking time is the busiest of all and by using GlanEry 7in1 B12 you are making marking easier.

Now all you need is GlanEry 7in1 B12 with your Gudair and Scabigard for your vaccines at marking.

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The convenient and easy to follow vaccination program of GlanEry 7in1 B12 will reduce your workload and make vaccinating easier whilst protecting your sheep flock and your farm’s profitability.

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GlanEry® 7in1 B12 - Formulation & Packaging

  • Currently available in 250 doses (250mL) pillow pack

  • Store between 2°C and 8°C (Refrigerate, do not freeze)

  • Protect from light

  • Shake well before use and keep thoroughly mixed during use

  • In use shelf life: 30 days if stored as per label instructions as per below


Resealing GlanEry 7in1 B12 for 30 day reuse after initial opening

A partially used pack can be stored and used for up to 30 days after first opening if the following steps are taken:

  1. Unscrew the delivery tube from the vaccine pack

  2. Empty the delivery tube and vaccinator by depressing the plunger several times

  3. Disinfect the stopper with a suitable antiseptic, e.g. methylated spirits

  4. Place the vaccine pack in the original outer packaging and store upright in the refrigerator. Do not freeze.

Before re-use, the delivery tube and cap should be sterilised by boiling for at least ten minutes.

NOTE: The plastic delivery tube may become opaque.

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