Introducing the NEW Gold Standard for sheep vaccines
– GlanEry® 7in1 B12

GlanEry 7in1 B12 Vaccine for Sheep has the proven protective power of Glanvac® 6 B12 and Eryvac® all in a single convenient, highly effective 1mL vaccine.

GlanEry 7in1 B12 is a NEW advanced vaccine that protects your Sheep and Lambs from Erysipelas arthritis, Cheesy Gland (CLA) and the 5 most important Clostridial diseases; Tetanus, Pulpy Kidney (enterotoxaemia), Black Disease, Blackleg and Malignant Oedema. In a single convenient, highly effective vaccine with the added benefit of being boosted with Vitamin B12.

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Why GlanEry® 7in1 B12?

There are few times on a farm more frustrating than when you have a tail of lame lambs in your mob or worse when they suddenly die. Then there are the losses when you are unable to transport lame lambs or when you get them to the abattoir and there are issues with arthritic joints and Cheesy Gland, causing you losses due to trimming and condemnation. All of this could be prevented with GlanEry 7in1 B12.

GlanEry 7in1 B12 provides you, the farmer, with confidence and assurance that they are using the newest and most advance sheep vaccine in the Australian market. GlanEry 7in1 B12 will protect your sheep from the major diseases that affects the Australian sheep flock. All in a convenient and easy to use single vaccine.

All in a 1ml dose

  • Easy &
  • Stops Lame Lambs 
    (Erysipelas arthritis)
  • More
    Lambs to Sell
  • Protects
    Meat Quality
  • Protects your
    Wool Cut
  • Healthier
    and Heavier
It's time to vaccinate with Glanery today!
It's time to vaccinate with Glanery today!

Want to know more?

The importance of these sheep diseases

GlanEry 7in1 B12 will provide the most comprehensive vaccination protection in a single 1mL sheep vaccine for the most prominent sheep diseases in Australia. In 2015, MLA found that these diseases cost the Australian sheep industry $89 million annually.1

These diseases have a major impact on the sheep industry in Australia according to MLA.These diseases can cause:

  • Sudden death of all sheep including ewes, lambs and weaners
  • Crippling lameness that has significant welfare issues
  • On-farm productivity losses
  • Farm profitablity implications
  • Negative impacts through the supply chain
  • Overall losses from paddock to plate.

The convenient and easy to follow vaccination program of GlanEry 7in1 B12 will reduce your workload and make vaccinating easier whilst protecting your sheep flock and your farm’s profitability.

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Where is GlanEry 7in1 B12 made?

GlanEry 7in1 B12 was developed and tested here in Australian for Australian sheep and Australian conditions, so we know it will provide the best protection possible.

GlanEry 7in1 B12 is made at our world class manufacturing facilities on the outskirts of Melbourne at Parkville, Victoria.

This is the same location that manufactures our market leading vaccines, Glanvac, Eryvac, Scabigard, Ultravac 7in1, Ultravac 5in1, and others.

Developed and Manufactured HERE in Australia

Reference :

1. MLA 2015 Priority list of endemic diseases for the red meat industries, Project B.AHE.0010

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