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Protecting Heifers and 
their Unborn Calves


How to Optimise Reproductive Performance: Pre-Calving


Effective nutrition management results in effective production

  • Match the nutrient requirements of the heifer with the availability of pastures
  • Ensure first-calvers get priority feed to ensure high pregnancy rates
  • Draft off heifers that have calved to ensure they have access to high-quality feed.

Parasite Control

Drench young cows and heifers strategically to decrease vulnerability to parasites.

Drench with Dectomax®

  • Dectomax has persistent activity against the five major worms
  • Dectomax Injectable provides reliable dosing and controls cattle tick for up to 28 days
  • Dectomax Pour-on is convenient and easy to administer with a nil milk withholding period
  • Controls key parasites that limit heifer productivity

Vaccination - Protect calves and their heifers

Vaccination - Packshots

Ensure your heifers and cows receive their annual booster of Ultravac® 7in1:

Protect your heifers from leptospirosis and from the five major deadly clostridial diseases
Breaks the cycle of infection by providing early protection for calves via the cow’s colostrum
Obtain more heavier calves
Stop the spread of leptospirosis – the only vaccine that prevents urinary shedding of leptospirosis bacteria into the environment when used prior to natural exposure
Protect you, your family and your workers from the flu like symptoms of leptospirosis

Ensure heifers receive their booster dose of Pestigard®

Maintains optimum protection against pestivirus
The only vaccine available to protect against pestivirus – a very common disease with 90% of herds having animals with evidence of past exposure
Safeguard their reproductive potential

Vaccinate heifers with Ultravac® Scourshield

Protects calves from key scours causing organisms via the heifer’s colostrum

NOTE: Refer to product label for registered label claims

Pre-calving checklist Vaccination Program
Ensure heifers calve in optimal body condition score a. Booster dose Ultravac 7in1
Calving is a stressful time. Ensure worm and lice control is optimal - drench with Dectomax b. Booster dose Pestigard if required
c. Ultravac Scourshield (consult you veterinarian on optimal timing)


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