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Preventing Disease In Your Heifers

Zoetis provides a diverse range of products to help prevent disease in heifers.

Ultravac® 7 in 1

Preventing Disease In Your Heifers

Zoetis provides a diverse range of products to help prevent disease in heifers. We also work with cattle farmers and vets to help them make informed decisions that contribute to improve the health of their herd.

Bovi-Shield MH-One®

Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) is the most common cause of illness and death in dairy heifers triggered by a complex interaction of stress factors, viral and bacterial infections.

One of the most important primary pathogens associated with BRD is Bovine Herpesvirus-1, which is capable of causing disease in its own right, but can also predispose cattle to more serious viral and bacterial pneumonias.

While there are a number of bacterial infections that contribute to BRD, MH (short for Mannheimia haemolytica) is recognised as a common cause of bacterial pneumonia in dairy heifers.

Zoetis, manufacturers Bovi-Shield MH-One® – the only single dose MH vaccine available in Australia.

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Dectomax® Injectable

Dectomax Injectable

Dectomax Injectable is a high-performance drench that provides reliable dosing, every time.

Dectomax Injectable demonstrated persistent activity against the 5 major worms that cause disease in cattle, and prevents the development of viable egg laying cattle ticks for 28 days (re-treatment may occur at 28 days).

Dectomax Injectable has a low irritant formulation, and is easy to administer.

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Dectomax Injector Instructional Video

   Dectomax Injectable Best Practice Injection

Ultravac® 5in1

Ultravac 5in1 prevents the five common clostridial diseases in Australia:



Pulpy Kidney

Black Disease

Malignant Oedema.

Ultravac 5in1, with breakthrough ultrafiltration technology, delivers and optimal immune response.

The ultrafiltration process creates a lower volume vaccine that is less likely to produce lumps, is easily handled and easily recognised by the heifer’s immune system. This ensures rapid and effective protection against these key clostridial diseases.

Ultravac® 7in1

Only Ultravac 7in1 (2.5mL dose) stops the spread of leptospirosis by preventing urinary shedding of leptospires, when used prior to natural exposure.

Ultravac 7in1 protects you, your family, your workers and your herd. It keeps unborn calves safe and sound from leptospirosis by preventing urinary tract colonisation and placental and foetal infection.

It can also be used in calves from 4 weeks to provide early age protection.

Ultravac 7in1 provides protection from:



Pulpy Kidney

Black Disease

Malignant Oedema.

Cattle 5ml Selectable SafeShot Vaccinator Instructional Video


Bovine pestivirus is highly contagious and is present in herds across Australia

Any way you look at it, your herd is at risk - 90% of herds have evidence of past exposure to pestivirus.1-3 And, while parts of your herd may be immune to the virus, infection can spread from persistently infected animals or transiently infected (TI) animals.

Protect your herd against pestivirus by vaccinating them with Pestigard. Only Pestigard is registered in Australia to prevent pestivirus - there are no other registered vaccines.

Pestigard prevents nasal shedding of pestivirus to safeguard your heifers and cows' reproductive potential.

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Cattle Vaccine Storage and Handling


Bovatec has been shown to control the clinical signs of coccidiosis and reduce faecal shedding of Eimeria zuernii and Eimeria bovis paracites.1 When coccidiosis is controlled, calves are more likely to reach their full potential.

Bovatec fits in with recommended calf-rearing programs, and its formulations are designed to meet your calves’ needs at each life stage.

Bovatec improves liveweight gain and feed conversion efficiency in growing cattle in both pasture based and total mixed ration systems.

Using Bovatec 20CC in calf and heifer feeds drives consumption and growth.2

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