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Teatseal: Prevention
Is Better
Than Cure

 Mastitis causes milk loss, loss of cows, loss of income and eats into your time.


Preventing mastitis

Preventing mastitis can give you the Teatseal Feeling.

The Teatseal Feeling is the feeling of relief you experience when your freshly calved cows and heifers come into the shed with significantly fewer cases of clinical mastitis. Mastitis causes milk loss, loss of cows, loss of income and eats into your time.

A Dry Cow Therapy programme is the cornerstone of mastitis control. Dry Cow Therapy helps to cure existing infections and prevent new infections in the dry period and around calving.

One form of Dry Cow Therapy is Teatseal, a non-antibiotic, inert substance that forms a physical barrier immediately on insertion, blocking the entry of bacteria into the udder throughout the dry period and at calving.


Teatseal administration

  • Really important to observe strict hygiene during the process. this is because if we introduce bacteria, we not only reduce the effectiveness of the product, but also risk mastitis.

    Steve Cranefield - Veterinarian and Mastitis Consultant

Teatseal seals the teat against bacteria


Photo coursey if Countdown 202, Dairy Australia's National Mastitis program

By providing a physical barrier, Teatseal mimics the natural keratin teat plug and helps prevent mastitis. Teatseal contains, a non-antibiotic inert substance, which can be used in combination with dry cow antibiotics.

As they work differently, in most situations, combination use results in better control of mastitis than either product alone.

Talk to your vet about which option is most suitable for your herd.

Reduce mastitis

Teatseal, used in combination with a dry cow antibiotic, has been shown to reduce the number of mastitis cases in early lactation by up to 70%, compared to using a dry cow antibiotic alone.

Runciman DJ, Malmo J, Deighton M. The use of an internal teat sealant in combination with cloxacillin dry cow therapy for the prevention of clinical and subclinical mastitis in seasonal calving dairy cows. J Dairy Sci 2010; 93(10): 4582–91.

Reduce Mastitis

Protect your heifers

Using Teatseal in heifers makes them 56% less likely to get mastitis within 30 days of calving after accounting for other factors.

Get the Teatseal feeling by reducing the cost and frustration of heifer mastitis.

Protect your heifers

Rates of clinical mastitis within 30 days of calving

Clyne, L. A study investigating the prevalence and associated risk factors for heifer mastitis in the Macalister Irrigation District. Countdown Symposium, Melbourne, Australia. 2013.

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