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Disease Prevention
For Calves

Zoetis provides a diverse portfolio of animal health products for Australian dairy herds.


Disease Prevention For Calves

Zoetis provides a diverse portfolio of animal health products for Australian dairy herds. We also work with dairy farmers as well as veterinarians to help them make informed decisions that contribute to improving the health of their animals, and maximizing the productivity and profitability of their operations under sustainable conditions.

Ultravac Scourshield®: Protection against scours

Ultravac Scourshield is used to vaccinate healthy pregnant cows and heifers to prevent diarrhoea in their calves due to strains of bovine rotavirus, E. coli and bovine coronavirus.

An effective strategy to protect newborn calves against scours is to vaccinate dams during pregnancy, which will lead to the transfer of maternal antibodies in colostrum after birth.

Ultravac Scourshield

Ultravac Scourshield is well suited to Australian conditions as it is effective against local rotavirus strains1 and has a flexible dosing schedule that makes it convenient to administer. It has proven to be effective in increasing levels of antibodies in vaccinated dams2 , as well as reducing, the severity of disease, and the number of sick and dying calves in challenge studies3.

Real-world experience and clinical studies have demonstrated Ultravac Scourshield to be safe and well-tolerated with no significant adverse events, and no association with abortions or injection site lesions.

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Pestigard®: Protection against pestivirus


Pestivirus is a disease that can have impacts on cattle health and reproduction at all ages, but a vaccination protocol with Pestigard begins in heifers prior to their first joining.

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Bovatec®: Protection against coccidiosis

Bovatec has been shown to control the effects of coccidiosis and reduce the potential for its transmission, meaning treated calves are more likely to reach their full growth and production potential1.

Bovatec formulations are designed to meet your calves’ needs at each life stage:

  • Bovatec® is added to leading fortified calf milk additives or calf milk replacers to prevent coccidiosis, making it ideal for pre-weaned calves.
  • Bovatec® 20CC is mixed with calf and heifer pellets to reduce the risk of coccidiosis, and to promote growth, liveweight gain and feed conversion in calves.

Bovatec promotes both feed consumption and growth

Bovatec in combination with appropriate roughage promotes optimal rumen development which is vital for healthy growth in both calves and heifers. Furthermore, research has shown that when Bovatec is added to grain supplement, cattle achieve higher daily growth rates2. Calves have been shown to eat significantly more of a ration containing Bovatec than sodium monensin3.

This can lead to earlier heifers conceiving and calving earlier, resulting in:

Increased first lactation and lifetime milk production

Less culling due to failure to conceive or poor production

Fewer replacement heifers required

Maximised genetic potential

Bovatec also has a 2–5 times greater safety margin in calves than monensin4, giving you peace of mind.

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Silirum®: Protection against Bovine Johne’s Disease

Silirum is a vaccine for the prevention of Bovine Johne’s Disease (BJD) which is given as a single dose from 3 weeks of age.

Studies indicate that under Australian field conditions Silirum is a cost effective means of controlling BJD, reducing both the number of cases and transmission of the disease1.

Silirum reduces BJD cases2

In clinical studies of herds vaccinated with Silirum, no animals enrolled as newborn calves developed clinical BJD.

No clinical cases of BJD occurred during the last two years of the study.

Silirum reduces spread of BJD bacteria through faeces

Animals vaccinated as yearlings (1-2 years old) were almost three times less likely to shed BJD bacteria in their faeces2. Animals vaccinated as calves were 4.5 times less likely to shed BJD bacteria in their faeces2.

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Ultravac 5 in 1®: Protection against clostridial diseases

Ultravac 5 in 1

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Ultravac 7 in 1®: Protection against leptospirosis

Ultravac 7 in 1 is a vaccine for the prevention of leptospirosis, in addition to clostridial diseases, that can be used in calves from 4 weeks of age to provide early protection.

Ultravac 7 in 1 stops the shedding of leptospirosis through urine when given to calves before they have been exposed to the disease.

Note: Ultravac 7 in1 is the only leptospirosis / clostridial combination vaccine that prevents the shedding of leptospires. Any vaccines that just minimize shedding do not stop the spread of leptospires and do not provide full protection.

With a low volume dose (2.5mL) and a 30-day shelf life after opening Ultravac 7 in 1 is simple and convenient to administer.

Dectomax injectable®: Protection against major worms

Dectomax Injectable

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