Canine Osteoarthritis

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis in dogs is one of the most common sources of chronic pain treated by veterinarians.

This painful degenerative joint disease progresses as your dog ages.

Arthritic pain is caused by inflammation of your dog's joints caused by ageing of the joint or by injury.

Does my dog have Arthritis?

Arthritis affects at least one in five adult dogs. Arthritis affects dogs of all breeds and ages.

Arthritis is as painful to dogs as it is to us.

If dogs could talk they'd be able to tell us that their knees are stiffening up or that their hips are hurting from going down stairs. As their owner, they're counting on you to recognise the signs of pain and decreased mobility.

Pain relief from Arthritis

Whilst there is no cure for arthritis, medications are available that have successfully relieved arthritis pain and inflammation in millions of dogs of all ages, breed and sizes worldwide.

In addition, proper exercise and nutrition can help to reduce the impact of arthritis ... which means the quality of your dog's life will return and so will their active role in your family.

The first step is to ask your vet for a check-up for osteoarthritis.

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