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CARYSTA™ is the smart new diagnostics platform that can reinvent your in-house diagnostic routines. Fast, intuitive and easy-to-use, it allows you to focus on what matters most - the health of your patients. Complete the form below to receive the latest information on this exciting innovation before it launches!

Are you ready to reinvent your in-house diagnostic routines?

The CARYSTA family of products will allow veterinarians to perform a variety of in-house diagnostic tests accurately, quickly and cost-effectively. The simple, intuitive interface helps to streamline practice workflow, while providing fast, reliable results that inform decisions and enable enhanced patient care.

CARYSTA provides modular plug and play point-of-care diagnostics that will help you provide best care by enhancing your in-house offering and improving workflow in your clinic.

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  • Lab-on-a-chip technology utilising Microfluidic Technology
  • Minimal calibration and maintenance required with no tubes or pumps
  • Dry chemistry means no need for reagents
  • Improves clinic workflow efficiency


  • Consistent test result interpretation
  • Highly sensitive technology ensures accurate results
  • Reduced chance of human error
  • Stores up to 10,000 tests


  • Step by step intuitive set-up and test procedure guidance
  • Uniform interface across all modules
  • Single location convenience
  • Test tracking, results and history automatically captured
  • Wi-Fi interaction with closed tablet system (tablet included)
  • Easy to print and export results
  • Simple and stylish interface

Coming soon

The first two CARYSTA modules below will be available from early 2019, with a strong development pipeline across diagnostic areas of chemistry, immunology and haematology to follow.


Interprets test results at the precise time for all WITNESS® lateral flow tests including:

  • Witness Dirofilaria (Heartworm)
  • Witness Felv/FIV
  • Witness Parvo
  • Witness Giardia
  • Witness Relaxin (Pregnancy)


Easy and convenient cartridge-based testing for:

  • Coagulation: simultaneous testing of PT/aPTT on one cartridge for dogs and cats
  • Blood Typing: e.g. pre-transfusion. The only automated test for dogs and cats
  • Fibrinogen: acute phase protein that is an inflammation marker, abnormally low counts can indicate liver or blood disorders. Tests will be available for dogs and horses
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To keep up-to-date on the latest CARYSTA news, join our First-to-Know circle by completing the form above.

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