Ultravac® Scourshield


  • Ultravac Scourshield is for the vaccination of cows as an aid in the prevention of calf scours caused by bovine rotavirus and E. coli and for control of calf scours caused by bovine coronavirus.

Recommendations for Use

  • Ultravac Scourshield vaccine may be used for the vaccination of healthy, pregnant cows and heifers as an aid in preventing diarrhoea in their calves caused by bovine rotavirus (serotypes G6 and G10) and enterotoxigenic strains of E. coli having the K99 pilli adherence factor, and for the control of diarrhoea in their calves caused by bovine corona virus.

The Zoetis Advantage

The newest, and most practical vaccine for the prevention of calf scours in Australian conditions.

  • Ultravac Scourshield offers a flexible dosing interval allowing easy management of cows pre-calving, via a window of 2-6 weeks prior to calving for the 2nd dose, with the first dose given anywhere between 3 and 9 weeks prior to the second dose.
  • The annual booster can also be given between 2 and 6 weeks prior to calving. This allows for simple management of calf scours in your herd.
  • Ultravac Scourshield joins other important dry off tools such as Teatseal®, Dry cow and Ultravac® 7in1, and Dectomax® Pour-On in setting up your cows for best success.


  • Shake well before use and keep thoroughly mixed during use.
  • The dose on all occasions is 2 mL injected intramuscularly.
  • Before vaccine is injected, the proposed site of inoculation on the animals skin may be cleaned by swabbing with cotton-wool soaked in an antiseptic solution, such as methylated spirits.
1st Dose 2nd Dose 2nd Dose
Previously unvaccinated cattle 3-9 weeks prior to second dose 2-6 weeks prior to calving
Previously vaccinated cattle (within 12 months) 2-6 weeks prior to calving


  • Store at 2°C to 8°C (Refrigerate. Do not freeze). Protect from light.
  • Store unused materials upright at 2-8 °C (refrigerated).
  • Use all product within 63 days of opening.
  • ESI not applicable.
  • Nil withholding periods.
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