CIDR® Devices (Cattle)


Eazi-Breed CIDR Cattle Devices contain the natural hormone progesterone.  Intra-vaginally placed CIDR’s release progesterone at a controlled rate into the blood stream.

Recommendations for use

  1. Synchronisation of Oestrus
    • Insert for 7-12 days with injection of prostaglandin F2α at removal.
    • Animals normally come into oestrus 48-96 hours after removal.
    • A “heat mount detector” or tail paint for detecting oestrus is recommended.
  2. Treatment of Post-Partum Anoestrus
    • In lactating dairy cows, when lack of ovarian activity is diagnosed, CIDR is used in conjunction with GnRH and Lutalyse®
    • In beef cows, when lack of ovarian activity is diagnosed, insert for 5-7 days and inject 1 mg oestradiol benzoate 24-48 hours after device removal. Responsive animals will be detected in oestrus during the next 4 days.
    • Re-examine and then retreat unresponsive animals.
  3. Re-synchronization of Oestrus
    • Insert for 14-17 days after first insemination and remove on the 21st day post insemination. Animals not pregnant to the first service are in oestrus approx. 48-96 hours after device removal.
  4. Veterinary Specialist Use
    • The veterinarian may use the plasma progesterone elevating properties of the CIDR
    • Cattle Device in a program specifically designed for the requirements of a particular herd.
    • The device will elevate progesterone blood levels above 1.5ng/mL for at least 12 days.
    • This level will drop below 1.5ng/mL in less than 1 hour after removal.

The Zoetis Advantage 

Breeding programs using the CIDR Cattle Device can:

  • Tighten oestrus synchronisation so animals come into oestrus in a narrow time period
  • Provide an opportunity to induce a fertile oestrus in non-cycling cows
  • Hasten the onset of cyclicity in maiden heifers
  • Treat cystic ovarian disease
  • Prepare donor recipient cattle for embryo transfer programs.

Using CIDR Cattle Devices can result in:

  • More pregnancies
  • More compact calving season
  • More even line of calves
  • Less involuntary culling of non-pregnant cows
  • Better use of time and labour during breeding, pregnancy testing and calving
  • Tighter calving intervals, with more calves born during a cow’s lifetime
  • Easier and more accurate heat detection, or the option of no heat detection
  • Enhanced use of artificial insemination (AI) or specialist programs such as ET, with
  • Greater genetic gain and higher value calves
  • Ability to schedule heifers to calve before older cows, so heifers can get extra attention
  • Easier customised matings – including the use of calving-ease sires – because AI is more feasible
  • Confirmed breeding and calving dates – not always possible with natural service
  • A more profitable herd.


Wear protective gloves when handling the devices.


  • Dip the device applicator in a non-irritating antiseptic solution.
  • Place one device into the applicator so the wings are folded and only the tips of these wings protrude from the front of the applicator.
  • Dip the front portion of the loaded applicator into a suitable veterinary obstetrical lubricant.
  • Lift the tail of the animal and wipe the vulva lips clean with disposable tissue.
  • With the tail lifted, insert the loaded applicator, sloping slightly upwards, through the vulva and then forward, without forcing, into the forward portion of the vagina.
  • Release the removal tail, grasp the handle of the plunger and ease back the barrel of the applicator towards the handle.
  • With the device correctly placed with the wings opened in the front portion of the vagina, only the removal tail should be hanging from the vulva.
  • Repeat STEP 1 before re-using the applicator.


  • Withdraw each device by pulling on the removal tail.
  • Always remove at least 24 hours before slaughter.

Pack Size 

Plastic Bags containing 10 devices 

Applicators sold Seperately 


  • Store in a dry place below 30°C (room temperature).
  • Withholding periods
    • Meat: Nil.
    • Milk: Nil.
    • Schedule: S5.

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